Maplestory’s lore

Evan explains the origin of Abraxus to Mir

In the beginning, all things were animate; the stones, the trees, and the wind. The sun and the moon, the rivers and oceans…There existed 365 gods inhabiting 365 creations, and they lived according to their own 365 laws. But the gods began to quarrel and bicker about their domains, and the world was in chaos.

A compromise was reached; all of the world would be governed by the same laws of life, light, and time. Most of the 365 gods started to dwindle and their power began to fade, save for one: Abraxus, the observer, whose duty was to watch over the graves of the primal forces who came before.

The world was born again under these new laws, and to govern life, light, and time there came to be three beings known as the Transcendents.

Alpha explains Transcendence

Transcendents are not necessarily gods in of themselves; they merely hold the power over their domain. There have been at least 3 Transcendents who have been mortal; two which were or still are human, and one who was of another species. Even the immortal Transcendents, the ones who are gods and spirits, are not necessarily omnipotent and can be captured, sealed, and even killed.

At the earliest point in the story, we know of two Transcendents: Rhinne, the Goddess of Time, and Alicia, the World Tree:

Rhinne, goddess of Time
Alicia, the World Tree

Rhinne is, obviously, the Transcendent of Time, whereas Alicia is the Transcendent of Life.

For quite a while, there are no notable events in the course of history. We only really know of one big event: Ludus Lake, in particular the town of Ludibrium, is a source of child-like happiness and toys. In an effort to preserve this childhood happiness, the citizens of Ludibrium asked the goddess Rhinne to stop the flow of time within the toy town. The goddess agreed, and time was stopped.

But other than that, not much is known until rumors began circulating of a strange, wandering mage known as the White Mage. Born in the continent of Edelstein, and having studied aspects of eternal life with the alchemists of Magatia as well as being gifted in the realm of magic, he was powerful, but sought a reason for all the suffering in the world. After travelling the world, he went into seclusion to study the magic of the Light. He, is the third Transcendent, the Transcendent of Light.

The White Mage

Some time during his seclusion are the events of Grand Atheneum book 1; a mercenary of no name searches for the White Mage, finding him deep within a forest within a temple order known as Aurora (the same Aurora which the hero Luminous belongs to). After staying there for a short while, the mercenary learns that the White Mage has been experimenting with the forces of darkness, summoning creatures of darkness, and granting two specific spirits physical bodies. These two spirits are Orchid and Lotus.

The White Mage summons Orchid and Lotus (as spirits)

The mercenary confronts the Mage, already being corrupted by the darkness, and speaks his final words as a normal human:

“There is no ultimate Light…but there is an ultimate Darkness”

The White Mage becomes corrupted

The White Mage is no more. The mercenary comments that he is no longer worthy of the title, and gives him the new title of the “Black Mage”. The now-evil Black Mage strikes down the mercenary with ease and leaves the scene to amass an army.

The Black Mage

The army, of course, does not go unnoticed. A powerful mage known as Freud, gifted not only with magic but also the friendship of Afrien, the leader of a particularly powerful species of dragon known as the Onyx dragons, sets out to oppose the Black Mage. He is joined quickly by a powerful warrior, Aran, and a student of Aurora, Luminous, as well as the queen of the Elven race, Mercedes, and a powerful brawler whose name is unknown.

Freud, the Dragon Master
Aran, fierce warrior
Mercedes, queen of the Elves
Luminous, mage of light

While this was all going on, there was a 6th person, a thief renowned throughout the world, known as Phantom.

Phantom, the world’s greatest thief

Freud recognized his skills and asked him to join the other 5. Phantom refused, as he was not a selfless, defend-the-peace-of-the-world type of guy as the others were.

What’s important to note is that Phantom did have one sweet spot, the love of his life, and the current Empress reigning over the world, Aria.

Phantom flirts with Aria

Phantom would visit Aria often, pretending to steal the prized jewel of Maple World, Skaia, and Aria would pretend to defend it. And so on. Aria herself was a firm believer in peace, she wished to settle matters with the Black Mage without resorting to war. Phantom was wary, but believed in her, and so agreed with her idea.

At the time, the Black Mage had a plan; he would lay siege to Rhinne’s temple and steal her power. Rhinne, able to foresee her fate but unable to alter it, created a child, Zero, to prevent the Black Mage from obtaining her full power. But she was too late, the Black Mage invaded her temple, imprisoned Rhinne, and split the child into two beings to further weaken her.

He had, also, accumulated a large army of monsters, as well as a total of 9 commanders in his service. These commanders were: Orchid and Lotus, the twin spirits whom the Black Mage had given bodies and names to when he was still the White Mage; Arkarium, a powerful mage; Hilla, a former priestess of the city of Azwan, who sold out her city to the Black Mage in exchange for eternal life, beauty, and power over the undead; Magnus, the tyrant of Helisium, a powerful warrior of the alternate dimension of Grandis; the Demon, a warrior with no fully stated name who was a demon and thus used to the powers of darkness; Guwaru, a spirit of nature who had become corrupted by the powers of darkness; Von Leon, the Lion King, who joined because he was convinced the Knights of the Empress had killed his beloved queen Ifia (in reality, the Black Mage had orchestrated the whole thing); and finally William, the Lord of Spiders, a powerful mage who was as cunning as he was evil. Aria invited two commanders, Orchid and Lotus, to try and negotiate peace.

Arkarium, evil mage
Orchid, spirit of Darkness
Lotus, spirit of Darkness
Hilla, the traitor of Azwan
Guwaru, spirit of the forest
Von Leon, the Lion King
Will, Lord of Spiders
The Demon
Magnus, the Nova traitor

At the peace conference, things went wrong. Lotus went too far, and he killed Aria.

Lotus kills Aria

After the twins left, Phantom arrived on the scene, and upon finding Aria, swore vengeance. He met with Freud, agreeing to join the heroes against the Black Mage. The 6 travel to the Temple to face the Black Mage head-on.

Meanwhile, the Demon returns home to his family during this time. He finds that the Black Mage refused to honor an agreement he had, that the Black Mage would not harm his family residing in Minar Forest, and that his house has been burned, his mother dead, and his younger brother missing and presumed dead. The Demon is furious, and storms into the Black Mage’s room within the temple to challenge him. Demon shouts that the Black Mage was a fool to betray him, and slams his mace into the ground to kickstart the battle. The Demon is powerful, and is able to shatter the Black Mage’s shield and tear his cloak with his power alone, but the Black Mage is powerful still and defeats the Demon, imprisoning him to absorb his power.

The Demon confronts the Black Mage about his betrayal

The first thing done on the heroes end is all civilians on the continent of Ossyria are evacuated so as to avoid losing them in the battle. The evacuation is spearheaded by a young Athena Pierce and representatives of the Bowmen, Thieves, Magicians, and Warriors. The heroes then head off to the temple, Phantom goes off on his own to seek out Lotus, while the others head for the Black Mage’s room.

Phantom finds Lotus, and fights him, defeating him with no mercy.

Phantom strikes down Lotus and Orchid as revenge for what they did to Aria

Phantom then leaves, while Orchid swears to revive her brother no matter what.

Meanwhile the other heroes find themselves facing the Black Mage. Aran and Mercedes are struck down, as is Freud, leaving Luminous and the unnamed hero left standing. Freud has a plan, but is reluctant to enact it. The plan is to seal the Black Mage using his own stolen power. But this spell comes at a cost; someone must give up their own time, their very existence, in order to create the spell. Luminous plants 5 seals around the Black Mage, and the unnamed hero sacrifices his existence to complete the spell. Luminous delivers the finishing blow to the Black Mage, and ends up absorbing some of the dark magic, and the Black Mage curses the heroes. The heroes are scattered; the spirit of Aran’s polearm, named Maha, takes Aran away to Rien, where she is frozen, afflicted by the curse, and loses her memories. Afrien absorbed Freud’s share of the curse, and proceeded to take Freud away from the battle to an unknown island before succumbing to the curse and being frozen, the entire race of Elves, are afflicted by Mercedes’s share of the curse, but Mercedes manages to seal her town to stop it from spreading, leaving at least one elf unaffected; Athena Pierce, Phantom was frozen though no details are known as to where, and Luminous is transported to Ellinia forest before being frozen.

For quite some time, the world is at peace, though lacking an heir to the throne left empty by Aria’s untimely demise. Within the encampment of the refugees from the battle, the fairy Yuris has a half-human child (she refuses to name the father), whom she names Kyrin. Kyrin eventually goes off to sail the world, becoming the pirate captain and job instructor.

People eventually filter out to all parts of the island on which they’ve landed, Victoria Island. They eventually set up all the existing towns on the island, as well as the job branches.

An indeterminate amount of time after the battle, presumably some hundred years or so, a group of school children are playing in Edelstein park, this group of children consists of Claudine, Belle, Elex, Brighton, and an unnamed member. A scientist Gelimer sneaks up on the group and kidnaps the unnamed member for use in his experiments.

Shortly thereafter (but not related to those events), a young man from Rien, named Neinhart, leaves his younger sister Lillin at home to seek an heir to the throne of Ereve and of Maple World. He does, in fact, find one, the young Empress Cygnus who, with the guidance of Neinhart and an unnamed warrior (explained in Grand Atheneum book 2), grows and sets up the Cygnus Knights, with the job branches of Blaze Wizard, Night Walker, Dawn Warrior, Wind Archer, and Thunder Breaker.

A man holding the title of the Dark Lord, which is the traditional title for the master of thieves, has both a daughter, named Syl, and an Apprentice, Jin. Jin and Syl were romantically involved, on top of training together. However, the Dark Lord left to fight a monster known as the Balrog, and did not return. Jin took up the title of the Dark Lord, and Syl became furious, believing Jin to have caused her father’s death. Syl left Jin and started a group of thieves known as the Dual Blades, determined to eventually retake her father’s position.

Luminous awakens from his slumber to a little girl, named Lania, living in the forest. For a decade, Luminous lives peacefully with the carefree Lania, although one of his eyes has changed from his light blue to a deep orange as a result of his absorbed dark magic.

Luminous lives a carefree life with Lania

A decade later, things start happening; Aran is unfrozen in Rien, having lost her memories and powers. She sets off to regain both, with a temporary polearm in hand as she is unable to wield Maha. A young farm boy, by the name of Evan, finds an egg within the woods near his farm, and he touches it to reveal a vision, where the spirit of Afrien informs him that he is to be a hero. The egg hatches into a newborn Onyx dragon, the last Onyx dragon, named Mir, and the two set off to become as powerful as the former Dragon Master.

Evan and his dragon, Mir

Far off from these two, on the continent of Edelstein, in the town of Edelstein, Orchid has raised a small army of her own, known as the Black Wings. This group is cunning, and has infiltrated the government of the independent city of Edelstein. This group has also managed to do something unthinkable: the Black Wings, at this time, broke part of the seal on the Black Mage.

The effects are, literally, earth-shattering, as the entire world shifts. This is, in fact, Maple World’s Big Bang. And while all this is going on, the Black Wings have themselves seized control of the town of Edelstein, imposing severe restrictions on the citizen’s liberties. This prompts the citizens into forming the Resistance, a group of people intent on overthrowing the Black Wings and restoring freedom to the town. The Resistance leaders consist of Doctor Claudine, Police Officer Belle, Streetsweeper Brighton, Kindergarten teacher Elex, Headmaster Ferdi, and the town mascot, Checky, as well as the Headmaster of the school, Ferdi, as their recruiter. With Claudine as the head, and Ferdi as the training instructor, Checky leads the Mechanics, a group of technologically-oriented people riding modified mining machines mounted with guns, Brighton leads the Battle Mages, a group of mages who tap into the powers of darkness, Elex leads the Blasters, a group of warriors who use powerful arm cannons, and Belle heads the Wild Hunters, a group of archers who ride upon jaguars.

The Black Wing’s takeover was actually very well known for quite some time. The Resistance requested help from the Cygnus Knights in defending the town from a complete takeover, but the Knights were unable to help; one of their members had fallen to a Black Wings officer named Elanor and Ereve was almost attacked (Grand Atheneum book 3). The Resistance, however, was furious at the apparent betrayal and cut off relations with the Knights, determined to free Edelstein with their own power.

The Resistance finds a girl, Vita, as a test subject for the Black Wings. She is rescued, and wishes to help, but it turns out she’s being manipulated by the Black Wings against her will. She attacks the Resistance and, apologetically to the Resistance, sacrifices herself.

Meanwhile, the Syl of the Dual Blades discovers the truth behind her father’s death from some previously undiscovered letters sent by her father shortly before his final battle. She doesn’t automatically forgive Jin, but she is no longer bent on his destruction.

Shortly thereafter, more things start happening; the Cannoneer, an average human aspiring to be a great Explorer, encounters a Crimson Balrog monster, and is thrown off the boat. He awakes on an island thanks to a monkey, and discovers and older marooned man named Cutter. Cutter gets them off the island with the help of a large cannon, with the monkey tagging along. Cutter is revealed to have been the engineer of Kyrin’s ship, the Nautilus, and designs the Cannoneer a large handcannon as a weapon, who then goes off on an adventure, the monkey still tagging along.

Going back to the Black Mage, Mercedes awakens to discover her entire town frozen and her powers gone. She leaves her town and seeks a way to thaw her race and regain her powers.

A short time later, the Demon awakens from his sleep, discovering that his powers are not only being drained, but also used as a power source for the Black Wings. He escapes his prison, and is captured by the Resistance, who look after him for a short while. He then strikes off on his own to regain his powers and face down the Black Mage and take his vengeance.

Time moves on. The Empress sees the awakenings of so many heroes and has an idea; for the first time ever, all the forces of Maple World are called to a conference. Aran agrees. Evan, having been tricked by the Black Wings into helping them on his adventures, agrees. Mercedes agrees. The Explorers, headed by the five job instructors, Grendel the Really Old, Athena Pierce, Dances with Balrogs, Jin the Dark Lord, and Kyrin the pirate captain, all agree. The Demon, reluctantly, agrees, which upsets Mercedes. The Dual Blades agree. The Resistance, after the events that transpired with Vita, reluctantly agree. This is the rise of the Maple Alliance.

Shortly after the first conference, on an entire other planet called Cerbus, a bounty hunter by the name of Jett is framed for the assassination of the king of Cerbus. She flees the planet and crashes on Maple World, where she is found by Kyrin. Jett finds her old partner, Burke, is the one who framed her, so she sets off to clear her name.

And something happens to the Alliance as well; a mysterious woman arrives at the conference to announce that she is the true heir to Ereve, and as proof she presents the jewel Skaia. She asks the Alliance to reject Cygnus, as she is just a child who cannot yet accept the true power of an Empress normally granted by the great dragon known as Shinsoo.

A mysterious woman presents the gem Skaia as proof that she is the true heir to the throne

As the Alliance is murmuring among themselves, a voice calls up from atop the crowd. The voice points out two flaws with the woman’s argument, the first being the bloodline; Aria had no children, only a niece. The second flaw was that the gem held by the woman was not the real Skaia and shatters the gem in the process, the real Skaia was not only basically worthless, holding no real power at all, but also had been entrusted to Phantom after Aria’s death. The voice then materializes in front of the Alliance, revealing himself to be Phantom. Phantom readies to attack the woman, who reveals herself to be Hilla, who then leaves in a flurry of magic. Phantom then leaves on his airship, the Lumiere, leaving the real Skaia in the hands of Cygnus.

Things then go wrong for Luminous; his dark powers go berserk, leaving his home in ruins and, on accident, seriously injures Lania. Luminous says his farewells, and goes off to master control of his magic so that something like that will never happen again.

In the alternate dimension of Grandis, meanwhile, a group of children, Velderoth, Tear, and Kyle, are playing as the “Helisium Force”, pretending to retake their lost home from Magnus, who had captured the land with a small army after the battle with the Black Mage. All the denizens of Grandis, known as the Novas, are part dragon, having dragon horns, a tail, and wings. While exploring, they encounter a group of suspicious-looking priests at a relic, an object which projects a shield to protect from the forces of Magnus. The trio attack the priests, and become separated. Kyle awakens as Kaiser, the descendant of the hero of the Novas, who fought Magnus long ago. Tear, the girl (who had been mocked as a child since she lacked a tail and was unable to perform magic), touched the relic, which promptly attached to her arm and would not let go. A spirit of a dragon residing in the relic, named Eskalade, offered Tear his power, provided she used her power to become a superhero. And so Tear, unbeknownst to basically everyone, became the “Idol of the Battlefield”, the Angelic Buster. Velderoth, upon seeing his friend Kyle’s power, grew jealous, and turned traitor, joining the forces of Magnus. Shortly thereafter, a portal appeared between Maple World and Grandis, connecting the two worlds, and the Novas too joined the Alliance.

Angelic Buster

Meanwhile the Cygnus Knights became informed of a large cavern beneath Sleepywood, and started an investigation. Within the cavern, they discovered Alicia, the World Tree, who had fled to the area, which she called Root Abyss, to escape the Black Mage’s wrath, but had been imprisoned by a commander with 4 seals with 4 guardians. The Alliance sends people down to Root Abyss, who defeat the guardians and unseal the seals. Alicia is freed, and it is discovered that the commander who imprisoned her is a new commander, Damien, who is actually the Demon’s younger brother who he thought to be dead. Alicia is placed in the care of the Cygnus Knights.


In an entire other dimension similar to Japan on Earth during the Sengoku era, groups of soldiers are fighting the forces of Oda Nobunaga, the lord determined to obtain power to rule the world. Two of the soldiers fighting against Nobunaga are Hayato, a brave samurai, and Kanna, an Onmyoji (Japanese spirit walker). During the chaos of the battle, the sky lights up, and both forces awaken in Maple World. Both Hayato and Kanna go off to continue their quest of defeating Oda Nobunaga, and get used to the world they’re now in.

Shortly after, the scientist Gelimer in Edelstein awakens his creation; Xenon. Xenon is actually a modified cyborg, whose body was the boy stolen in childhood while playing with his friends. Xenon, irked by his remaining memories of his previous life, rebels against Gelimer, who sends a second cyborg named Beryl after him. Xenon runs into Claudine, who is infiltrating the Black Wing’s headquarters, and the two escape. Claudine partially recognizes Xenon as the boy from her childhood, as he was the one who gave her the knife she uses as a weapon, but he does not recognize her. After learning that Gelimer can track Xenon through his “pulse”, an energy signature given off by cyborgs, Xenon flees Edelstein to protect the Resistance from being discovered, and moves on to recover his memories and learn who he was.


In Ereve, Shinsoo is attacked by Damien, and collapses, seemingly dead. The Empress runs to his side with the Knight leaders shortly behind her, when a barrier forms around the Empress and Shinsoo. Within the barrier, Cygnus begins to accept the power of an Empress, the barrier shatters, Shinsoo awakens, and gives her blessing to her Knights.

Cygnus grieves over the fallen Shinsoo

One specific Explorer awakens within a space between spaces, to a girl dressed in Maple leaves, who then flees out of a doorway in space. The Explorer discovers he’s on Maple Island, the island of beginners, where all Explorers take their first steps. After traversing the landscape, he arrives at the boat with 4 other Explorers; Sugar, Tess, Olive, and Rondo. Sugar asks you what kind of Explorer the unnamed plans on being, and upon making his choice, the others become the other branches of Explorers. The Explorers do their thing, training and exploring the world around them, and eventually the unnamed Explorer finds himself at the Temple of Time, Rhinne’s temple, and not only that but facing the Black Mage himself. The Black Mage asks the unnamed Explorer several questions, and then tricks him into deactivating the remaining part of Freud’s seal. In the ensuing chaos, the Black Mage used a part of himself, his Shadow, to destroy Maple Island. Unfortunately, Maple Island did not exist when the Black Mage first attacked the world, meaning there was no Seal Stone created to restore the island. However, when the Explorers banded together, and gave their strength to The Explorer, they managed to not only beat the Black Mage’s Shadow, but also create a brand new Seal Stone for the island. Sugar revealed herself to be a goddess, the spirit of Maple World, who resides in the tree atop Maple Tree Hill, an instructed the group on how to use the Seal Stone to restore the island. Afterwards, the group parted ways, each off to have their own adventure.

From left to right: A corsair, a dual blade, a night lord, a warrior, the cannoneer, a bowmaster, and a mage

Deep within the Verne Mines in Edelstein, the Resistance discovers a lab area and sends a member to investigate. The member sees Orchid, Gelimer, and Lotus, with Lotus within a large test tube. Orchid asks Gelimer if Lotus will be revived properly. Gelimer chuckles, and then revives Lotus, but it’s not as Orchid wants. Gelimer has complete control of Lotus and all his powers, he uses Lotus to attack Orchid, stripping her of much of her powers. Orchid is rescued by the Resistance, weakened, wounded, and visibly upset.

Meanwhile the two beings that were split from Rhinne’s child have been growing; the girl has been imprisoned within a temple, asleep the entire time. The boy has been under the influence of William. The boy had discovered the girl in the temple eight times previously, thus resulting in his name being “Nine”. Nine is smarter than his previous incarnations, and has refused much of the substance William had been giving him to weaken him. Nine had already discovered the girl and planned on rescuing her. He charged the temple, knocking down William’s soldiers, eventually leading to a fight with William. In the fight, Nine was forced against the barrier holding the girl, resulting the barrier shattering. William plans to end it once and for all by destroying Nine, but the girl awakens and Nine grabs her hand, a flash of light takes them to the Subspace Temple. There, they learn their true identity as the Transcendents of time, and give themselves new names. The girl names herself Beta and Nine renames himself as Alpha. They explore the world they had been imprisoned in, a reflection of Maple World called Mirror World, and eventually escape, having reawakened as Transcendents (and recreating their mother in the form of a child). They arrive in not Maple World but Grandis, where the commanders Arkarium, Hilla, Damien, as well as Gelimer and the puppet Lotus inform them that Grandis and Maple World are colliding, with Maple World absorbing Grandis (being the larger of the two). They use this to tempt the Transcendent twins, but Alpha and Beta refuse and continue to Maple World.

Beta (left) and Alpha (right)

The Cygnus Knights receive word that a mysterious castle has been seen floating in the sky near Minar Forest. Upon investigation, it is revealed that the castle is the castle of Kritias, a land that had mysteriously vanished when they defied the Black Mage. It is revealed that the Black Mage had stored the city in time, returning it only now to use the city itself as a giant spell circle for an unknown spell.

Kritias Castle, ripped from its foundations

On Victoria Island, meanwhile, a barrier mage by the name of Elwin unwittingly opens a portal to another world. This Other World is revealed to be modern-day Earth. Seoul, South Korea, to be specific. A student from this Other World falls through the portal, and refuses to go home, as the fantasy-like Maple World is far more interesting than school. In order to avoid suspicion (and make sure that Grendel doesn’t catch wind of what the barrier mage has done), Elwin sends a person from Maple World to the Other World in order to take the place of the student. The explorer from Maple World arrives at the Shinsoo International School, where it is revealed that this Other World is a parallel universe, where the same people live very different lives. For instance, Empress Cygnus in the Other World is the heiress to the Shinsoo Corporation, Commander Orchid of the Black Wings is an idol, and Athena Pierce is a police officer. All goes well, until the school bully targets the explorer and attempts to beat them up, but before he can, a mysterious voice calls to him, knocks him out, and summons a large monster. The explorer quickly dispatches this monster, causing rumors to circulate about the new student, and returns to Elwin. Grendel, however, learns of the portal, and after berating Elwin for his incompetence, introduces the explorer to Lily, Elwin’s younger sister and a manipulation mage. Grendel reveals that Maple World’s magic has affected the Other World, producing monsters. As the story goes on, the explorer learns that these monsters are a manifestation of negative emotions, called Motes, and larger ones caused by powerful negative emotions, Troublemakers. As the explorer lives life in the Other World, enjoying normal school days while simultaneously fighting off Motes and Troublemakers, a new student teacher eventually arrives at the school. This student teacher is so handsome, that all the girls fall in love with him, and every boy in the school turns into a squid in comparison. The explorer holds their ground and fights off more Motes, but never discovers exactly what was causing the students to turn into squids. Eventually, the new student teacher leaves the school, and the explorer is recalled to Maple World, with Lily stating that the Magicians Association will take over managing the Other World. The explorer makes one last phone call to one of their newly-made friends, and Lily erases the memories of everyone in the school of the explorer. Lily leaves the explorer to say one final goodbye, but the explorer suddenly gets a call from an unknown source. The explorer travels to Sunset Park in the Other World to find none other than the student teacher, who not only remembers the explorer, but also reveals that he has the ability to summon Troublemakers. At the same time, Neinheart and Cygnus of the Other World reveal to the Irena and Oz of the Other World that the student teacher has no records of ever existing; all traces of him have been wiped. The explorer eliminates the summoned Troublemaker, but the student teacher has escaped. The explorer returns and relays this news to Grendel, who announces that if the Other World has been affected by Maple World’s magic, then the Other World deserves a hero to fight for them. Grendel then orders Lily to restore the memories of the explorer, and the explorer continues to stay at the school.

From left to right: Hilla, Magnus, Lily (the cat), Orchid, Cygnus, Neinheart, Elwin (the dog), Hawkeye, and Oz in the Other World

Meanwhile a young girl with animal ears named Chase longs to be an explorer and go on an adventure. She meets a cat named Arby. Arby had previously been a member of the “Critter Champs”, a group of animals working together with a human named Sherry, who had left them to protect them when she was summoned by Alicia. Arby leads Chase to the other members of the Critter Champs, where they band together to go on an adventure as friends.

Chase and the Critter Champs
Chase the Beast Tamer, Arby the cat, Lai the leapord, Fort the bear, and Eka the hawk

The Cygnus Knights receive word of a mysterious tower not far away from Maple Island. Upon investigation, it’s revealed that the tower is the Tower of Oz, a structure built by Alicia’s spirit. It is revealed that before the Black Mage invaded, Alicia split her soul off from her body, her body hid in Root Abyss while her Soul built the Tower to protect the innocence of the animals in the world. Alicia’s soul is shown to have a strange obsession with stupidity, and dislikes humans, although her body thinks otherwise. The Tower as well as its guardians had become corrupted by the Black Mage, however, and while Alicia’s soul is not in the same danger as her body was, she requests the Alliance to help save the monsters in the tower.

Alicia creates the Tower of Oz
Alicia raises the Tower of Oz

In Grandis, meanwhile, on the planet of Vulpes, the unnamed hero awakens from a long slumber. He is discovered by a young girl with fox ears and tail named Moonbeam. Moonbeam brings him back to her village, and gives him the name of Shade. Shade, after a teary farewell with Moonbeam, leaves for Maple World, where he discovers that no one remembers him as a result of his curse. He seeks out Freud, determined to make sure he is not entirely forgotten.

Moonbeam brings Shade to her village
Two fox-eared children play with Shade while Moonbeam pulls him along

Meanwhile in the Other World, a student gains the ability to manipulate the fundamental forces of the world. Revealing this secret to his girlfriend Yuna and his hacker-friend Jay, the student dubs himself “Kinesis” and becomes a local hero, while Jay performs tests in an effort to try and understand Kinesis’s powers. After fighting some Motes that appeared in Kinesis’s school, Kinesis loses consciousness for a few moments, and loses control of his powers briefly. Kinesis awakens and brushes this off as a one-time occurrence, before heading home. Along the way, he meets a small cat, which he names “Nero”, and he takes her home, much to Jay’s chagrin. Jay reveals that he has been tracking an encrypted message from an anonymous person known only as “WM”, whose posts online reveal the time and locations of various attacks on the city, from which Jay predicts that the next attack will occur on a subway line. Sure enough, a news report comes in about an attack on a subway line. Kinesis rushes to help the people trapped on the train, and defeats the monsters, but the train doesn’t stop. Suddenly, Kinesis’s head begins to ache, and he is approached by the student teacher who was at the Shinsoo International school. The student teacher then engulfs Kinesis in a strange light, and the city around them collapses into a massive sinkhole. Kinesis awakens in the library of the Magicians Association, where he meets a wolf-man named Three Moon, and the black cat he found transforms into a girl, named Nella Medionel Roonia, although Kinesis (and, for that matter, everyone else) continues to refer to her as “Nero”, much as it upsets her. Three Moon brings in Grendel the Really Old, who reveals that the person Kinesis met was the Other World’s version of the White Mage, and explains that the Other World may be facing a disaster similar to the one Maple World faced long ago. Grendel also explains what happened to Seoul with the sinkhole, and that both Yuna and Jay are fine, but that the people who fell into the sinkhole were transported to Maple World. Kinesis, after informing Jay and Yuna of his safety, goes after and rescues 8 residents of Seoul in various places in Maple World, but there are still thousands of others missing. Three Moon speculates that they are also unharmed, but are caught in the dimensional crack. Kinesis then sets off to train his powers, and rescue everyone from his world.


After training his powers some, Kinesis returns to visit Yuna, whom Jay says is upset that he spends so much time in Maple World (“Leafland”, as he calls it). Kinesis goes out to meet Yuna at their school, but just miss each other. Yuna arrives at Jay’s house and expresses how worried she is about her boyfriend, when all of a sudden, the hideout is attacked by Motes. One of the Motes engulfs Yuna and carries her away. Jay calls Kinesis and the superhero immediately heads off to rescue his girlfriend. The Mote takes the captured Yuna to the edge of the sinkhole, leading Kinesis through the broken subway car. The Mote is able to travel into the sinkhole easily, but Kinesis is unable to follow. He returns to the Magicians Association, where Grendel reveals the White Mage’s plan: to merge Maple World and the Other World together. Kinesis manages to place seals around parts of his world which have fallen through into Maple World. He continues to train until he is strong enough to enter the sinkhole, which has now developed a gigantic tornado spiraling out of it. He jumps into it (pulling Nero along with him) and finds himself in a large space full of twisted rubble and buildings. He fights his way past Omens to find Yuna floating at the center of the sinkhole, seemingly possessed. The White Mage appears in front of Kinesis and gloats about his plan. He tells Kinesis that power is feared and hated, and that more and more people will gain powers and that they “wont all be heroes”; people fear what they don’t understand, and the people of Earth will eventually turn on them. Kinesis rebukes the White Mage, calling him a “pathetic coward, hiding behind his plots” and “The worst kind of villain.” The White Mage summons a King Omen, which Kinesis defeats, and escapes. Kinesis then reaches out his hand to Yuna, who has woken up, feeling scared and not knowing what’s going on. Yuna asks why she feels so light, Kinesis jokingly comments that her new diet must be working, and takes her hand, telling her she has nothing to fear as long as he’s with her. Kinesis brings Yuna back to the hideout, where Jay and Grendel are waiting. Grendel apologizes, saying there’s nothing he can do to reverse the merge or return their world to how it once was, but offers the consolation that “it’s not the first time this has happened”. Grendel also informs Yuna that she gained powers like Kinesis, specifically the ability to control the wind. Grendel then speaks of the future of Earth; more and more people will gain powers, and that “such a sudden explosion of power is sure to inspire fear…and hate.” Kinesis announces that he has a solution straight out of a comic book: an organization for people like them, so they can gather together and learn to control their powers. Yuna embarrassingly positions herself as vice-president of the new club to clean up after Kinesis’s messes, and Jay worries about the new workload pushed on him.

Kinesis offers Yuna his hand

The Resistance is shocked to learn that Orchid has gone missing, despite her injuries. She is discovered in a hidden lab called the Evolution Lab, an abandoned training program for the Black Wings. The program uses an AI with an image modeled after Lotus, and this upsets Orchid, who redundantly asks the program why Gelimer has been “making fake brothers”, and begins to radiate power. The AI detects Orchid’s anger and interprets it as an attack, triggering the defense systems, which knock the wounded Orchid into a coma, where she is rescued by the Resistance, repeatedly calling out to Lotus in her sleep.

After all of this, the Cygnus Knight informant Ten Boogies learns of a secret Black Wing Plan, but she gets captured. After being rescued, it is revealed that the Black Wings had been planning to construct an airship called Black Heaven. The entire Alliance board Phantom’s airship, the Lumier, and seek out the airship, determined to defeat the Black Wings before they have a chance to attack Maple World at all.

These are the events of Black Heaven.

After Gelimer’s plans are foiled thanks to the efforts of the Alliance, the world begins to return to some semblance of normal. Orchid, having escaped the falling airship, journeyed to an unknown forest, quite possible the Forest of Peace where she took physical form, and sought out Guwaru, king of the spirits. Francis, out of his (still unrequited) love, followed her. Orchid spoke with Guwaru about rejecting the Black Mage’s power she had previously taken, and requested that she be granted the true powers of the Spirit of Darkness. Guwaru agreed, but told her that the path would be dangerous.

On the Alliance’s side, Aran befriended Shade (for the second time, though Aran could not remember Shade regardless) and the two became sparring partners; Aran enjoying the companionship and the challenge, and Shade enjoying being with his now-former friend. Phantom returned to his normal life of showmanship and thievery, Mercedes sought out new ways to remove the curse placed on the elves, and Luminous returned home to Lania. Evan and Mir, meanwhile, continued having adventures.

Soon, however, everything began to fall apart. Mir sensed something happening to Afrien on Slumbering Dragon Island, and the two began to investigate.

What they found led to the events of Heroes of Maple.


13 thoughts on “Maplestory’s lore

  1. Wow. Just. Wow. This adds a whole new layer to Maplestory than it ever had. I’m proud to have been with Maplestory before the Big Bang, before the unfreezing of the Heroes, during the time of temporary peace. And it’s truly amazing how many layers to the story there are, how much there is left to come, and perhaps the saddest–how much is skipped through by so many players. Thank you for this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. It’s going to be absolute hell when Kinesis gets here, though, since that canonizes every bit of FriendStory lore. ._.


  2. I’ve been playing maple since 2007, I always paid attention to the lore, but seeing it all together amazes me how big the game has become! I hope you continue your fantastic work! 😉


    1. Well, sort of. Everything (I can remember) that relates to the Black Mage is in there. And I did take a lot of liberties for things like the general timeline.

      It doesn’t have party quest storylines, or area-based storylines (like Magatia, Korean Folk Town, or Stellar Detectives). And it’s definitely grounded in GMS (I only know the basics about Zen’s storyline, for example).

      But I like to think I did ok.


  3. I literally can not thank you enough for this incredible threat … Like .. Wow… Everything is so clear and connected now. MapleStory is more than just a game. Thank you so much.

    Oh and … um.. I have been quite confused about the story about The Fall of Cygnus…I merely knew that the Empress herself was tricked and corrupted by the Black Mage so she turned evil and so were her knights. And since there was no one to protect Ereve, the floating world itself fell down on earth. I really really want to thoroughly understand the full story of that. Perhaps you can somehow include this in your threat or can simply explain it all to me please? Thank you.


    1. There’s not particularly much to describe. According to the story, in the future the Empress sent her knights to what she thought was the World Tree, but it turned out to be a trick by the Black Mage. She and her knights were corrupted by the Black Mage, all except for Neinheart (who was imprisoned). Without the Empress’s power, Ereve fell to the ground. Cygnus then lay siege to Maple World, in particular Heneseys, which is why everything’s in ruins. I’m not entirely certain about how the Resistance came to be evil in Future Perion, as I haven’t played through that part yet.

      However the ruined future isn’t really the future, it’s a dream created by Lucid to spread fear and mistrust throughout the Alliance.


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