Maplestory is a MMORPG that came out of South Korea in around 2003. Since then, it has grown drastically and has introduced an enormous amount of in-game lore to its players. Not just core game lore and core storyline, but side quests and areas, as well as lore unique to each class.

With so much lore, it’s easy to get confused. This site writes out the entire basic details of the game’s lore in story format so that people can better understand what people might be talking about.


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    1. Good luck making one. If you can, post it to the subreddit so a lot of people can see it (including me). However, I am mistaken about Cygnus; she’s a 4th Transcendent, and Alicia is still the Transcendent of Life.


      1. Damien stole Alicia’s powers in Heroes of Maple. This blog, although I’m using the updated hero images, is the current GMS story, so it wont be here until maybe summer.

        Plus I have to add the blockbuster storyline too, so it’ll be a while.


  1. Hey did Phantom ever fight the black mage with the rest of the heroes and I know on maplestory wiki it says that after he fought Lotus he went on to the black mage but idk how true that is

    Aran did she or he ever fight the Black Mage because I remember Aran guarding the door to the throne room


    1. I believe Phantom did challenge the Black Mage, as seen in Luminous’s storyline where Phantom berates Luminous for being late.

      Aran did fight the Black Mage, but was defeated along with Mercedes and Freud (and probably Phantom too). You can see her KO’d sprite in Luminous’s and Shade’s storyline, if I’m not mistaken.


    1. I mean, when I actually finish the storyline…I do like to snap pictures…

      Right now I’m moving slowly because I lack the Arcane Force needed to deal full damage. Plus, drop rate on Chu Chu Island quests suck.


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