In late fall of 2014, KMS added a new way to experience content; Blockbusters. Blockbusters are multi-act cinematic content which the player plays through as a member of the Maple Alliance fighting the Black Mage’s army.

On this page, the entire storylines of the blockbusters are summarized.

Black Heaven
Heroes of Maple

Black Heaven

On board the airship, tensions are a bit high between the Resistance and the Knights, but this is ignored when Neinhart goes missing. An alliance member discovers two Neinharts, one hurt and the other still standing. One of the Neinharts turns out to be Baroq, a Black Wings officer and a shapeshifter. After a brief battle, the alliance member is knocked unconscious.

Baroq can turn into anyone

The alliance member awakens to discover that the Lumiere is under siege from the Black Wings, and escapes from below deck, after a skirmish with the Black Wings officer, Elanor. The Black Wings are bombarding the Lumiere with a robotic army as well as missile attacks. The alliance charges forth and destroys a large airship. While celebrating their victory, the Empress comments that something isn’t right, and a huge shadow looms over them.

Something huge approaches the Lumiere

The Alliance had severely underestimated Gelimer’s plans. The airship that had attacked the Lumiere was not the Black Heaven.

Black Heaven approaches the Lumiere

The size of the airship is far more than anyone in the Alliance had ever conceived. The Alliance falls back into the clouds to plan a better strategy. As the Alliance regroups, one of the members hears a noise, and goes to investigate. They find, to their surprise, Francis the Puppeteer, one of the weakest officers of the Black Wings with a borderline-unhealthy obsession with Commander Orchid.

Francis the Puppeteer

After a small battle and extremely poor sneaking skills on the part of the shy Puppeteer, Francis is placed in the custody of the Alliance. The next day, the Alliance plans their attack on Black Heaven, with Neinhart deducing two key weaknesses: first, the airship is entirely too big, and therefore must have blind spots. Second, the airship has one centralized power source at the center of the ship. The Alliance plans an operation to infiltrate and take down the airship from within, rather than striking from the outside, but before they’re able to move, the Lumiere is assaulted by hundreds of missiles. The Black Wings had mounted a surprise attack on the Alliance, and caught them off-guard. While in the midst of fighting off the Black Wings from the interior of the ship, one of the Alliance members finds Francis still in custody, and with the ship on fire and listing, releases Francis under the care of a guard from the Resistance. The Alliance Member makes their way to the pilothouse and manages to right the ship, but upon returning to Francis, finds that he had escaped. The Alliance Member then races to the deck, to begin the Alliance’s counterattack with a series of small airships.

After a small aerial battle, the infiltration team, consisting of Checky, Brighton, and Belle of the Resistance along with the Alliance Member, approaches the deck of Black Heaven from what seems to be a blind spot, but Gelimer has a trap awaiting them, and quickly shoots down Checky, Brighton, and Belle.

Claudine sees her companions fall

The Alliance retreats. Claudine is extremely upset and places the blame on Cygnus and the Alliance member. The Alliance member is put on trial for releasing Francis, whom Neinhart and Claudine assume gave information about the Alliance’s plans to the Black Wings, and ends up being placed on probation, but to prevent further fighting within the Alliance, chooses to accept the blame for the apparent loss of Checky, Brighton, and Belle. They volunteer to leave the Alliance and begin to return to Six Paths Crossway…

Except, on the way down, the Knight guarding the now-former Alliance member seems strangely emotional…after asking whether or not the Alliance member would rescue Francis again being given the chance, the Alliance member realizes why: it’s because it’s not really a Cygnus Knight, but Francis communicating through one of his puppets! Francis explains how he never gave information to the Black Wings, because he doesn’t like Gelimer, and the only person he serves is Orchid. He further releases vital points of information: First of all, Neinhart’s assumption that the Black Heaven had blindspots was false, the Black Heaven has no blindspots, because the central power source is Lotus.

Lotus is the power source of Black Heaven

Lotus has no blindspots, and Black Heaven acts as a gigantic extension of his body. Meaning that any visible attempt to infiltrate the airship from any side would be impossible. Which is where the second piece of information comes in: Francis reveals that the robotic soldiers responsible for the assault on the Lumiere are not stored on-board in a cargo hold or anything of the sort, they’re teleported from somewhere else: Edelstein’s scrapyard.

The Alliance member arrives at Edelstein’s scrapyard, only to be discovered by a platoon of robots searching for a rogue android. There are too many to fight off, but a voice calls the Alliance member to safety. The voice is revealed to be the rogue android, One-Eye, who is hiding in the scrapyard from the patrols along with his wife, Three-Hands and their daughter, Bitterbot. One-Eye lovingly dubs the Alliance member “Squishy” and proceeds to explain their situation: All three are androids who developed feelings. Androids aren’t supposed to have feelings, but it occasionally happens. Those who develop feelings are then scrapped. While waiting in line, unaware of their situation, One-Eye befriended a robot ahead of them. A Black Wings officer noticed and called them to the front of the line. While watching the robot ahead of them getting scrapped, One-Eye began to experience fear for the very first time; he grabbed the nearest thing he could and fled. One-Eye also reveals the only way onto Black Heaven: the large tower in the center of the scrapyard, which is actually a giant android factory with a teleporter on top. But only androids are allowed through, so Three-Hands creates a disguise, a robotic helmet with a chip that will allow passage through the teleporter. Bitterbot dismisses this, believing it to be a hopeless endeavour, but the Alliance Member accepts the helmet and the chip, which is revealed to be from the robot scrapped before One-Eye. The robot patrols then attack the encampment, and are fended off by the Alliance member, but forces One-Eye and his family to relocate. As the Alliance member makes their way to the central tower, Bitterbot questions their actions, not believing anyone could stop her “father” Gelimer, and saying that emotions hold humans back. One-Eye explains that emotions, while human’s greatest weakness, is also their greatest strength, and that you have to take the good with the bad, and make the best out of the good, before walking away. Bitterbot contemplates this, before revealing herself to be Beryl, wondering if Gelimer could be stopped, would she be able to accept it?

Bitterbot is revealed to be Beryl

The Alliance member makes their way to the top of the tower, and enters the teleporter, sending them up to Black Heaven.

The Alliance member is teleported

Upon arriving on the airship, the Alliance member passes through one part of security, but is stopped at the second checkpoint. They reveal themselves, and attack the Black Wings, fighting through the deck of Black Heaven. The robots are unable to defeat the Alliance member, who fights their way, defeating hordes of robots along with Elanor and Dargoth, before stealing a machine called a Demolishizer. The Alliance member uses the stolen machine to destroy the main cannons and and the shield generators, creating a gaping hole in Black Heaven’s defenses, before setting down a signal flare they use to call the rest of the Alliance.

The signal flare is launched

The Alliance member is then chased by a large machine called a Pulverizer to the edge of Black Heaven’s deck, but before they get destroyed, Claudine arrives and begins firing upon the machine. It’s enough to hold it back, but not enough to destroy it, as Black Heaven begins to fire upon Claudine. She is then rescued by Brighton, Checky, and Belle, who proceed to destroy the Pulverizer and the cannons. The trio are revealed to have been saved by the piloting instructor, Irvin, and the entire Alliance arrives on board the deck of Black Heaven, ready to infiltrate and destroy the ship.

Meanwhile, Francis has managed to infiltrate the Resistance’s headquarters, and reaches the holding cell where Orchid is located. He gives her back her commander’s coat and the two prepare to infiltrate Black Heaven themselves.

Orchid prepares to leave

Meanwhile, a small group of the Alliance’s elites, consisting of the Resistance, Neinhart, Athena Pierce, Irvin, and the Alliance Member, make their way through the interior of Black Heaven. Irvin reveals that, in his younger days, he was Gelimer’s companion, along with the current Black Wings officer, Admiral Martini.

A younger Irvin, Gelimer, and Martini

While continuing through the gigantic airship, the Alliance runs into Francis and Orchid, who bicker with the Alliance before being interrupted by an image of Gelimer on a large screen. Gelimer uses Lotus to summon a large chunk of debris, which knocks the Alliance member and Orchid into the maintenance tunnels of the airship. The two are forced to work together to reach the exit, but before the Alliance member can go through as well, Orchid leaves them, saying that she will be the one to destroy Gelimer. The Alliance member is surrounded by a group of maintenance robots, but is shortly thereafter rescued by the Alliance. The group continues through the airship, passing through the cargo hold which posesses an uncountable number of large, strange bombs, finally arriving at a large chamber filled with a toxic green gas. The group dons a set of gas masks they find and enters the chamber to find a close-to-death Martini, who remarks that he wishes he had stopped Gelimer sooner. Searching through the research papers on the desk, the Alliance finds research on the seal stones, powerful gems capable of granting wishes, and learn that as long as one seal stone remains in the world, which a single one does, the Black Mage cannot regain his powers. The Alliance also discovers what the green gas in the chamber is; a substance developed by Gelimer dubbed “Retoxin”, a substance which causes humans to lose all emotions, to become more like machines than humans. They also learn that Gelimer has produced enough of the substance to cover all of Mapleworld, loaded into the bombs in the cargo bay. The first target: Edelstein.

Athena Pierce and the Alliance member press on, the others remain to gather the research. While on the elevator, the two are attacked by Gelimer, and Athena is knocked off of the platform. The Alliance member continues further, finding the core of Black Heaven, Lotus. The two fight in a large battle, resulting in the two landing on the top deck of the airship, with Lotus slowly regaining consciousness. Gelimer is annoyed and asserts his control over Lotus, before Orchid enters, holding onto her brother until he calms down. The two are interrupted when Gelimer, irritated at losing control of Lotus, kills him completely. Lotus tells Orchid that he wishes for her to live on in her human form, and passes her his power, before disappearing completely.

Orchid's farewell to Lotus

The Alliance member, enraged at Gelimer, travels to Black Heaven’s command center, where Gelimer is waiting, wearing a gas mask. Gelimer floods the chamber with Retoxin, catching the Alliance member unaware, and laughs with triumph. He then initiates the bombing of Edelstein, releasing the first wave of Retoxin bombs on the city. The Alliance scrambles, fruitlessly, to destroy the bombs before they land. All seems hopeless, but before the bombs land, Orchid uses her power to catch the bombs, lift them into the sky near Black Heaven, and detonate them. Gelimer is mildly annoyed at the destruction of his ship, but comments that he could always build another, and boards an escape pod before summoning several androids and setting them to self-destruct, in order to destroy the severely weakened Alliance member. The androids, however, rebel, begging Gelimer to take them with him. Gelimer panics, and, summoning all their strength, the Alliance member reaches the button to launch Gelimer’s pod. The pod flies, and the androids detonate, taking Gelimer with them.

Orchid arrives in the control room, annoyed with the Alliance member for having destroyed Gelimer before she had the chance to. She pauses for a moment, and then supports the Alliance member while walking through the now-crumbling airship. She meets with Athena Pierce, and leaves the Alliance member in the care of the bow instructor. Athena supports the Alliance member to the edge of Black Heaven, before jumping onto the heavily damaged Lumiere. The Black Heaven crashes into Edelstein’s scrapyard, creating a massive explosion.

On board the Lumiere, the Alliance surrounds their weakened comrade. The Empress pulls out Shinsoo’s tear, the last remaining seal stone, stating that when the seal stones were created, they were made to save what’s most important, and that their comrade is far more important than the seal stone itself. The Alliance member is revived, and the war has been won.

But in a cruel twist, the unseen Black Mage comments about the battle, stating that “A new archenemy has been born, with the Seal Stone in their arms.” Arkarium says that he shall face this opponent, but the Black Mage tells him not to face him. Instead, he shall leave that up to a different commander…

The next threat Maple World faces is...?!


Heroes of Maple

Evan and Mir arrived on Slumbering Dragon Island after Mir sensed something happening to Afrien, the former ruler of the Onyx Dragons, who was frozen in ice on the island. The two arrived during a blizzard, but found a number of demons patrolling the area. Luckily, the two were able to narrowly avoid capture.

Evan hiding in the snow

The two continued through the blizzard and saved a small penguin named Pushki. Pushki, after getting over the initial shock of seeing Mir, told the pair that Lillin and several penguins had been captured by the demons and that they (really just Evan and Mir, as Pushki was too cowardly) ought to save her. After scaling a large cliff (or rather, Evan scaling a large cliff while Mir simply flew to the top), the pair looked down into a valley to find the demon encampment. However, the Alliance’s previous estimates of the scale of the army were entirely off the mark.

The demon base camp

With the valley completely overrun with demons, the pair took to a large cave to avoid getting captured. While journeying through the cave, the two came upon a large spider with a demon marking on it. The spider attacked the two, and Evan slipped on a ledge and fell deeper into the cave, separated from Mir. Evan continued on his own, but was blocked by a wall of ice. Evan began to worry, but was interrupted by two unknown, yet familiar voices.

On the other side of the ice wall, a platoon of demon soldiers were holding Lillin and the penguins captive, discussing what to do with them. The soldiers were planning on holding her hostage to get to her brother, Neinheart, but the platoon was interrupted as Aran broke down the ice wall and blasted into the room (followed closely and less dramatically by Evan). Aran swiftly took out the demon soldiers, but the officer who had Lillin was almost able to get away…until Shade snuck up behind him and knocked him out, that is.

Aran, with a small flare for the dramatic

The trio (joined quickly afterward by Mir) makes sure Lillin is ok, and Lillin escorts the penguins to safety, while the three heroes press forward into the cave. After fighting through platoons of demon soldiers and encountering the spider from before (who proves to be no match against the combined power of the three), they come across a large chamber, where they find Afrien sealed into a pillar of ice, with the demon insignia on his forehead.

Evan approaches Afrien, and the ancient dragon shares with the young mage a fragment of Freud’s soul, which the old dragon master had bestowed on the symbol of his oath. Freud’s spirit informed Evan that the Black Mage’s army was going to destroy the World Tree, and that Evan should seek out the five (“er…four”) heroes. After giving Evan a location to travel to and a mission, the group is confronted by Damien, who begins corrupting Afrien, causing the old dragon immense pain (and shaking the cavern he is connected to. Aran challenges Damien, but is easily pushed back. Shade notes that something about Damien’s sword is strange. The demon commander begins corrupting Afrien, but Afrien resists, reminiscing about his bond with Freud, and stating that he would rather die than break that bond. The old dragon teleports the heroes out of the cavern and the cave begins to collapse. The group manages to escape the collapsing cave, and Evan announces that he will unite the heroes together, “in the name of Freud”.

Evan details his plans to Aran and Shade, although the two of them will not join the heroes immediately as Aran’s clash with Damien left her polearm Maha damaged, which will take some time to repair. Meanwhile, an unseen Damien threatens a captured Alicia, the World Tree. Damien remarks that she is acting arrogant and wonders “how long she can keep that up”, while Alicia simply calls him “poor child”.

Evan and Mir travel to various parts of Maple World looking for the heroes, with the help of the Cygnus Knights. Dragon and Dragon Master speak with Mercedes in Elluel, Luminous at his home in Ellinia, and Phantom as he’s stealing the treasure of Magatia. Evan explains the situation to all three of them, and requests their help.

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Mercedes initially rejects Evan in order to help her people. Phantom rebuffs Evan and states that he has no interest in hero work. Luminous scolds Evan for being naive and inexperienced, as well as berating Freud’s plan for being too vague and unfounded. Evan is, luckily, able to convince them all, though he does not stick around for any of them to give their answer directly.

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Meanwhile, the Demon Slayer arrives at his former home in Leafre, still in ruins hundreds of years after the attack. The Demon easily defeats a platoon of demon soldiers and confronts a hooded figure, who reveals himself to be Damien. The Demon is shocked to see his brother alive. The two briefly feel grief towards each other, and Damien states that he caused their mother’s death. The Demon tells Damien to stop, and that accepting the Black Mage’s power is actually dishonorable to their mother’s memory. The grief the two brothers share quickly turns to anger, and the Demon grabs Damien by the collar to make him stop, but Damien quickly reveals the strength he has received.

The Demon confronts Damien

The Alliance forces become locked in a battle with the demon army over the Rien Archipelago, which has now fallen under control of the demons. Meanwhile, Evan and Mir arrive in Nihil Desert, searching for the Treasure of Abraxus. Unfortunately, none of the other heroes appear to have shown up, which Evan laments. The two continue through the desert, looking for a set of ruins known as the Prophecy Sanctum, a place where the priests and priestesses of Azwan would conduct rituals to look into the future; a temple to the god Abraxus. While searching, Evan sinks into a pit of quicksand and is pulled into a large cavern containing the ruins they’re searching for. The two continue through the cave until they come across a large door. They attempt to open it, even by force, but not even Mir’s attacks are able to break it down. They’re then confronted by a large stone golem named Kapus, who announces himself to be the gatekeeper of the temple. Evan and Mir and unable to damage the golem, but they’re saved by the arrival of Mercedes, who is able to damage him. Kapus still refuses to grant the three entry, although Mercedes is adamant that her authority should mean something. Evan quickly tells Mercedes that she is not the ruler of the temple, so her authority is not enough to grant them entry, while simultaneously mentioning that since Freud gave him the task, he wishes to solve it himself. Kapus, upon hearing Freud’s name, offers to let the group pass if they can answer a riddle (although the group finds this a bit cliche, especially Mercedes): “What is long in the morning, short in the afternoon, and long again in the evening?”

Evan quickly guesses the correct answer (“A shadow”) and Kapus allows the group to enter the temple. Once inside, Mercedes quickly snaps at Evan and tells him that she doesn’t take orders from him, although Evan is perfectly fine with this (as per his more childlike demeanor), and Mercedes apologizes for snapping, stating that she’s just upset that she’ll never see Freud again. The two starts to continue on, but Evan accidentally triggers a trap and gets the three stuck in a large net.

Clumsy Evan

The trio is surrounded by monsters, but are saved by the arrival of Phantom and Luminous. The mage and the thief have a competition to see who can defeat the most monsters (although they argue about who won). The group of five then travel through a corridor, passing several gigantic murals depicting scenes from Maple World’s past, including the legend of the Transcendents, the White Mage’s transformation into the Black Mage, and the sealing of the Black Mage by the heroes (the sealing mural depicts Shade as well, however his likeness is broken). The group then comes across a 4th mural, of events yet to come, with the inscription “As the final battle approaches, the unshackled wolf will devour the World Tree”. The group hears a rumbling sound which they determine to be an army approaching, and hurriedly press onward.

They arrive in a chamber that appears to have no exit, and the door quickly shuts behind them while the chamber starts filling with sand (and gold coins). Noting two statues with strange ornaments, Evan deduces that casting a shadow on the wall will create an exit, which it does when Luminous and Phantom use light spells to create a shadow. The group comes across a sealed door, and learn that the treasures of Abraxus cannot be taken from the temple. Luminous and Mercedes first suspect Phantom, but Evan reveals a pile of coins in his pocket (followed quickly by Mir coughing up a pile of his own that he swallowed). The door opens and the group finds themselves in a large chasm open to the outside. Towering above them is a gigantic statue, which Evan announces must be the Abraxus itself, and what Freud sent them to find.

The Abraxus

The group is confronted by a small army of demons, who start to attack, but are held off by the sudden arrival of Aran and Shade. Evan receives a a vote of confidence from the other heroes and, using his powers as the Dragon Master, awakens the Abraxus relic, which takes to the sky and reveals itself to be a gigantic airship.

The Abraxus takes flight

The heroes, now aboard the Abraxus, take a breather, only to be interrupted by an image of Freud. Freud explains how he split a piece of his soul into the Abraxus to create what he calls a “message in a bottle”, albeit one that can talk back, and comments that the real Freud probably died long ago. The heroes are ecstatic to see their old friend, and that the “five” of them are now back together. Freud corrects them and tells them that it’s actually six heroes, revealing the details of his sealing spell and correctly deducing Shade’s identity as the forgotten hero. Although Freud cannot remember Shade’s name, Shade tells him to use “Shade” as it was “a name given to [him] by a dear friend”.

Freud acknowledges Shade’s existence

The heroes discuss many things into the night, and Freud finally tells everyone his plan: the heroes are to find an object known as the Transcendence Stone, which, although Freud does not know exactly what it is or does, should be the key to victory. Freud then explains that this final fragment of his spirit will eventually fade away, since this last conjuration must end. The heroes share a tearful farewell, and Freud’s spirit fades away forever.

Meanwhile in the Temple of Time, Arkarium confronts Damien over his progress. Damien mocks Arkarium a bit, but Arkarium becomes angered and reveals a woman frozen in time inside a spell; Damien’s mother, whom Arkarium apparently froze at the moment of her death. Arkarium lords his possession over Damien, which angers the half-demon. As Damien walks away, Arkarium decides that it’s time to “put the rabid animal down”.

Damien returns to his camp, where Alicia is held within a large glass prison. Alicia points out that Damien’s body, being mortal, would be unable to handle her full power, but Damien brushes her off and leads a portion of his army on a special mission.

The heroes track the Transcendence Stone to a museum in the Other World (Seoul, Korea). Shade remains in Maple World due to his curse, Evan and Aran remain on the (now cloaked) Abraxus, and Phantom, Luminous, and Mercedes infiltrate a fancy dress party at the museum. Phantom and Mercedes try to glean information from the guests (although Phantom only receives cursory information about the world and Mercedes is hit on by a nerd). The two are interrupted by a presentation by head researcher, Dr. Lim. Dr. Lim speculates about the nature of the two worlds (as Maple World’s existence was made known after what happened with Kinesis), about how the two worlds may have actually been one in the past before they split, supported by examples of mysterious artifacts found all over the world that appear to have come from Maple World. Dr. Lim then reveals an astonishing discovery; something he called “Infinitasium”, a stone which absorbs and distorts all radio and magnetic waves and whose mass seems to change each time it’s measured. The heroes speculate that this is the Transcendence Stone they’re looking for.

Dr. Lim describes Infinitasium

Using Mercedes as a distraction for Dr. Lim (a role she did not know she would be fulfilling and one she is annoyed by), Phantom disguises himself first as Dr. Lim and steals the museum keycard from the museum director, and then disguises himself as the museum director and steals the second keycard from Dr. Lim. Meanwhile. Luminous infiltrates the museum through the air vents and shuts off the electrical system as a distraction. Luminous, Mercedes, and Phantom meet up in front of the closed-off part of the museum to begin their heist, but are caught by a woman who had been trying to flirt with Phantom earlier. The lady hadn’t realized what the heroes were there to do, but Mercedes became annoyed and pulled her Dual Blowguns on the woman (much to Luminous and Phantom’s shock). Dr. Lim hears the commotion and arrives on scene, only to panic and flee with the lady at the sight of Mercedes’ weapons. The trio resolves to find the Transcendence Stone despite the panic, although Evan loses communication with the group when they enter a room in the back of the museum. The group arrives at the Transcendence Stone, which is inside a glass display case, but Luminous is engulfed in a dark flame and almost passes out.

Luminous concludes that the stone reacts with his power, as his power is tied to that of a Transcendent’s. He speculates that the stone is more powerful than the Transcendents themselves, and that using the stone it may even be possible to destroy the power of the Transcendents. Luminous reveals that, in the past, he found some of Freud’s ideas, particularly those concerning the Transcendents’ power, far too extreme; Freud believed that the power of the Transcendents was unjust, and that no being should monopolize such power, and that people should govern themselves. Luminous disagreed with this, believing that the Transcendents kept balance in the world and were needed.

Phantom then interrupts and states that Freud may have had a point, citing the Black Mage as reference for what happens when one Transcendent becomes corrupted. Phantom points out the amount of destruction caused by one rouge “exception”, but Luminous accuses Phantom of only fighting the Black Mage out of “petty revenge”, which infuriates Phantom. Phantom accuses the mages of Aurora of being the cause, which in turn enrages Luminous. The two continue to bicker and eventually begin fighting, destroying entire parts of the museum.

Meanwhile, Evan and Aran discuss, among other things, Shade’s curse (which Aran dubs “ridiculous”). Suddenly, the Abraxus is attacked by hordes of demons mounted on giant eagles. The two start to fight them off, but are overwhelmed.

Phantom and Luminous continue fighting, but are interrupted by Mercedes who starts to scold the two, but is interrupted again by the ceiling collapsing. Damien himself crashes into the museum to steal the Transcendence Stone. He reveals that when he and Aran crossed blades, he marked Maha with his corruption, meaning he was able to track them to the Other World. Damien steals the Transcendence Stone and the three heroes attack him, but he’s able to get away. Suddenly they look up and see the Abraxus, damaged from the demon assault, falling out of the sky.

The Abraxus falling

Damien returns to his camp to find his soldiers captured by Arkarium’s forces. Arkarium states that he has “proof” of Damien’s treachery. Damien mocks Arkarium, but Arkarium freezes Damien with a spell. Arkarium reveals to Damien that not only was the image of his mother in Arkarium’s spell an illusion, but that Damien never killed his mother- Arkarium did. Arkarium states that he used Damien as a tool to crush “that obstinate brother”, the Demon. Damien doesn’t speak for a few moments before breaking into maniacal laughter. Damien reveals that he consumed the World Tree and took her powers to become the Transcendent of Life. Damien breaks free of Arkarium’s spell and destroys the old commander in a rage.

Damien the wolf eliminates Arkarium the snake

Meanwhile, the heroes regroup (Shade’s image projected via magic) and discuss their future plans. Evan tells everyone a story of a rat on his farm, that no one could catch, but one day the rat ate too much and couldn’t fit back in the hole it came from. Evan concludes that Damien has absorbed so much power that he must be incredibly unstable, and that if they want to strike they should strike now. The heroes return to Maple World in order to confront Damien.

Meanwhile the Alliance is still fighting with the demon army. Claudine relays a message from Athena Pierce to Neinheart: every tree across Maple World is withering rapidly, as if the life force is being drained out of them. Athena Pierce, meanwhile, is set in charge of the safety of civilians on Victoria Island, and is evacuating Heneseys (including Evan’s family; Gustav, Anna, and Utah). Athena tells Gustav that he should be proud for having raised a hero. The war, however, is far from won.

The corrupted World Tree

The heroes arrive at the World Tree’s physical form, which has been completely corrupted by Damien, and is covered with withering thorns. The heroes journey up the tree where they meet the Demon. The Demon states that it is his duty to end the battle, not the heroes, and reveals to the heroes that Damien is his brother, before continuing up the tree alone. The heroes continue to climb, while the Demon confronts his brother at the top of the tree. The Demon reveals the history of the demon race: how a group of demons experimented with stealing the power of a Transcendent before, resulting in Tynerum becoming the wasteland it is today. The Demon states that their father spoke out against the plan, and for that he was banished from Tynerum. The Demon asks Damien to stop before it’s too late, and states that he “never hated” him. Damien at first appears to take this to heart, but quickly and cruelly forces the Demon back. Damien states that the only mistake their ancestors made was failing and, with immense power, strikes the Demon down.

The heroes arrive at the top of the tree and confront Damien, who challenges them to a fight. The heroes are able to defeat Damien at first, but he releases his full power and fights them with all his might. The heroes are able to knock Damien’s weapon out of his hand, and the power of Damien’s sword manifests into a dark creature. Evan tries to take the sword, but the darkness engulfs him. Inside the darkness, Evan speaks with what appears to be Mir, and is tempted to take the power for himself. “Mir” argues about all the good they could do, and tempts Evan with becoming the most powerful of the heroes (stating that right now, they’re the weakest, with the others “just putting up” with them). Evan is almost tempted, but the real Mir’s voice breaks through and Evan rejects the power, which spits him back out on top of the tree. The Demon reveals that the power is the Spirit of Vengeance; the vengeful spirits of  demons across the millennia who drove themselves to ruin over ultimate power, and the innocents who lost their lives because of that greed. The Demon states that the power needs to be destroyed, or else his brother will never be freed from his agony. The Spirit of Vengeance taunts the Demon, revealing that Damien’s soul is bound to the spirit already and destroying it would destroy him as well. The Demon acknowledges this, and Damien tells his brother to “finish this, while [he] still has [his] mind.” The Demon shares a tearful farewell, before destroying the Spirit of Vengeance. The Demon then reminisces about his childhood with Damien as he carries his brother’s body off in his arms.


The heroes have won, but the world’s life force still appears drained. the now-freed Alicia appears before them and tells them that it may be close to a thousand years before the world returns to normal naturally. Alicia reveals that her power is now tied to the Transcendence Stone, and that they can use it to scatter her life force across Maple World; her physical form would be destroyed, but the world would return to normal. Luminous asks if this would mean she would cease to exist, but Alicia states that she would “just be in another place”. Alicia proceeds to scatter her life force, and the entire world blossoms with life.

After the battle is over, Neinheart and some Cygnus Knights are escorting captured demon soldiers out of the Abraxus temple, where he meets with Lillin (slightly awkwardly), who is exploring the ruins as they are interesting. Lillin discusses the day Neinheart left Rien to find the empress while she stayed to await the heroes, asking if he regrets his decision. Neinheart states that he doesn’t regret anything, but that he was wrong about one thing: the world still needs heroes. The camera then pans over to a new mural on the temple wall…

The latest chapter in Maple World’s history

But, unseen, Hilla confronts Arkarium, who survived Damien’s attack by transferring his life force to one of his snakes. Hilla comments that everything is going smoothly without Arkarium, and reveals that the Black Mage knew all along of Arkarium’s petty jealousy towards the demon brothers. Hilla reveals that scattering the World Tree’s power was part of the Black Mage’s plan, on top of dividing the Transcendent of Time (Alpha and Beta) to make them weak. The Black Mage comments that it is time for “them to come here”.