Important characters

This page contains characters who play crucial roles in the lore of Maple World, both good and evil.

Black Mage commanders
Heroes of Maple World
General explorers
Edelstein Resistance
Victoria Island
Sengoku-era Japan
Black Wings Officers



Name(s): Alicia/The World Tree

Governs: Life (former)

Affiliation: Alicia is the World Tree, Maple World’s transcendent of life. She takes the form of a human girl with long drill hair and a billowing dress. When the Black Mage invaded, Alicia split off her soul and hid her body in Root Abyss, assuming she would be safe, or at least that the Black Mage could not steal her power as he did Rhinne’s. This ultimately failed and became a prison when Damien conquered Root Abyss and installed the 4 seal guardians; Vellum, the Crimson Queen, Pierre, and Von Bon. Alicia was, at some point, recaptured by Damien and had her powers consumed. After Damien was defeated, Alicia used the Transcendence Stone to scatter her life force throughout Maple World, restoring all that Damien had destroyed at the cost of losing her physical form. She can be considered “technically” alive, as her life force permeates through everything, although it may be a thousand years before she is ever able to return to physical form, if she can ever return.

Alicia's spirit

Name: Alicia’s spirit

Governs: The undersea tower of Oz

Affiliation: When the Black Mage invaded, Alicia did several things to protect as much as she could. One of these was protecting the innocence of creatures throughout Maple World, and so she created the Tower of Oz, based off her favorite children’s book, and split off a piece of her soul to guard it while her body hid in Root Abyss. It didn’t work, unfortunately, the tower became corrupted and its guardians, evil. Contrary to what you might think, Alicia’s spirit is very different from her body. Her body loves humans, but her spirit…well, actually what her spirit really loves is stupidity. Alicia’s spirit hates intelligence, and the Tower of Oz has an intelligence barrier preventing intelligent people from entering. Luckily, you can take a dose of one of her Stupid Pills to fight your way through.


Name: Rhinne

Governs: Time (former)

Affiliation: Rhinne is Maple World’s transcendent of time. She is a goddess, and her temple is the Temple of Time, floating near Minar Forest. She can foresee and alter anyone’s fate, except her own, and the Black Mage took advantage of that to steal her powers and seal her away. She has recently awoken, having granted her powers to her children, Alpha and Beta, and having been reborn as a child. Her hourglass is apparently her weapon, and she has a gorgeous singing voice, a trait which was not passed down to her children in the slightest.

White/Black Mage

Name(s): White Mage/Black Mage

Governs: Light

Affiliation: The Black Mage was originally the White Mage, a human who traveled the land. His study of light and darkness ended up corrupting him and turning him into the Black Mage. He is the main enemy of all of Maple World. As a human he has white hair, similar to Luminous, and as the Black Mage he has no real appearance, only his titular cloak and orange, glowing eyes.


Name: Alpha

Governs: Time

Affiliation: Alpha was brainwashed by the Lord of Spiders, Will, and imprisoned in Mirror World. One half of Rhinne’s child. Located his imprisoned sister, Beta, 9 times prior to his escape, only to have his memories erased 9 times. Currently resides in Maple World, fighting alongside Beta. Do not allow to sing. Ever.


Name: Lazuli

Resides in: Alpha’s sword

Affiliation: Lazuli is the spirit residing in Alpha’s sword. She’s normally very brash, but will soften up and even blush on occasion…usually if you mention stabbing things.


Name: Beta

Governs: Time

Affiliation: Beta was imprisoned inside the temple in Mirror World until Alpha managed to break her seal. Likes cute things. Currently resides in Maple World, fighting alongside Alpha. Do not allow to sing. Ever.


Name: Lapis

Resides in: Beta’s sword

Affiliation: Lapis is the spirit that resides in Beta’s sword. Despite the sword easily being as large as Beta’s body, his personality is very carefree, often dreaming about food, food, and more food. He considers Lazuli to be his very best friend, Lazuli considers him to be a pest.

SugarSugar alt

Name: Sugar

Governs: Maple World, Beginners, and Explorers

Affiliation: Sugar is the spirit of Maple World, who resides within the maple tree on Maple Island. She sent her “other self” under the guise of an Explorer of the same name when she predicted that something terrible would befall the world. Using her power, the Explorers were able to defeat the Black Mage’s Shadow that had attacked Maple Island, as well as create a brand new Seal Stone capable of restoring the island to its former state. Sugar current resides on Maple Island, keeping watch over both it and the Explorers. Her power can be invoked by all Explorers using the Maple Warrior skill.


Name: Gerald Darmoor

Governs: Life (in Grandis)

Affiliation: Darmoor has not yet been pictured in-game, however he is present in the Korean webtoon “The Ancient War” and is talked about greatly in the Pantheon and Helisium storylines. He is Grandis’s Transcendent of Life, who went insane upon awakening, and helped Magnus conquer his dimension. He is the prince of the High Flora, and killed his father to spark the civil war between the High and Verdant Flora.


Name: Chronica

Governs: Time (in Grandis)

Affiliation: Chronica is only briefly mentioned to be the Transcendent of Time in Grandis. Her whereabouts are unknown, but like the goddess Rhinne, her powers appear to have been stolen, apparently by Darmoor.


Name: Aiona

Governs: Light (in Grandis)

Affiliation: Aiona is only mentioned briefly to be the Transcendent of Light in Grandis. The Nova believe that she is in a place “where only the light can reach”, but the truth is something a bit more sinister…


Name: Tana

Governs: ???

Affiliation: Tana is present throughout the Swamp of Memory, Morass. Her power is that of the Transcendent of Light, and yet, something else. She is the twin sister of Aiona.


Name: Maha

Resides in: Aran’s polearm

Affiliation: Maha is the spirit that resides in the polearm of Aran, the hero of Rien. He’s very concerned about Aran; when Aran was struck with the curse, he used his power to bring them both to Rien where they would be safer. After Aran is thawed, he encourages her to regain her powers so that she might wield him once again.


Name: Eskalade

Resides in: Tear’s relic

Affiliation: Eskalade is a dragon from the ancient times of Grandis. He wound up residing in the relic that just so happened to attach itself to Tear’s arm. He has near infinite power that can be used in any number of ways. If only his personality wasn’t a bit…off. He gets extra enjoyment in not only seeing Tear turn into the Angelic Buster, but also designing new outfits for her to wear, once with the help of the wise old Eurenth. He is incredibly intelligent, instructing Tear on subjects such as the Transcendents, but he’s really a perverted old man at heart.



Name: Arkarium

Powers: Snakes, some apparent control over space and time

Enemies: The Demon

Details: Arkarium is the Black Mage’s resident old-man-mage. He seems to be considered the oldest and wisest commander, often snapping at his comrades to focus on the task at hand. He was the one who ultimately attacked and killed Damien and Demon’s mother, and manipulated Damien into becoming a commander. When he confronted Damien over the Transcendence Stone, Damien struck him down using the powers of the Transcendent of Life. Arkarium was able to escape by transferring his soul to one of his snakes, and Hilla commented that the Black Mage was letting him live in that form purely out of mercy, and as punishment for his plots.


Name: Hilla

Powers: Control of the undead

Enemies: Magnus, Phantom

Details: A former priestess of the ancient city of Azwan. She sold out her city and her kinsfolk to the Black Mage in exchange for eternal youth and beauty, as well as power. She does not get along with Magnus, considers Arkarium to be wise but ultimately an old geezer, and would regularly get into spats with Gelimer, whom she also considered an old geezer. She is the main antagonist of the Azwan storyline and dungeon. She appears to be one of the more loyal commanders, and has not shown any sign of having her own plans in motion (as opposed to Arkarium, Gelimer, and Damien).

Von Leon

Name: Von Leon (AKA The Lion King)

Powers: Transformation, command over an army of monsters

Enemies: The Demon

Details: Von Leon was originally a good king, ruling alongside his wife, Ifia, whom he loved very much. The Black Mage tricked him into becoming a commander, by invading his castle, killing Ifia, and blaming it on the Cygnus Knights. This is the same level of betrayal the Black Mage showed with the Demon, however he appears to have succeeded more in Von Leon’s case. Von Leon appears to always be quiet, even among the other commanders, presumably he has held onto the loss of his wife since the day it happened. He is the main antagonist of the Lion King’s Castle storyline.


Name: Will

Powers: Mind Control, Spiders, Mirrors, Dimensions

Enemies: Alpha, Beta

Details: Boasting incredibly strength and intellect, as well as being a master of articulation, Will is possibly one of the most frightening commanders under the Black Mage’s power. Known as the Lord of Spiders, he was presumably defeated by Alpha and Beta when they rescued their mother and awoke their power, but the other commanders hint that this might not be the case. He is the main antagonist of Zero’s storyline.


Name: Magnus (former)

Powers: Swordsmanship, doppelganger creation, chemical gas, meteors

Enemies: Kaiser, Luminous, Hilla

Details: A tyrant from Grandis who somehow managed to travel dimensions and join the Black Mage. The exact nature of his allegiance is unknown, given that Hilla and Gelimer invaded Grandis in the Dimensional Invasion storyline, but he appears to have abandoned the Black Mage in favor of taking over Heliseum. He is an incredibly skilled swordsman, but what’s frightening is his ability to manipulate people; all three of his subordinates, Victor, Treglow, and Velderoth, have been tempted by something irresistible to them, usually (in the case of Victor and Treglow) to wrench it away at the last second or twist it around on them. His ability to manipulate people is on-par with that of Will, however unlike Will, he prefers to do his own thing, rather than strictly obey orders. He is the main antagonist in the Heliseum storylines, the Angelic Buster storyline, and the Kaiser storyline.


Name: Gelimer (former, deceased)

Powers: Intellect, robotic minions, puppet Lotus

Enemies: The Resistance, the Alliance…basically everyone. He sees humans as nothing more than imperfections in his perfect world.

Details: Once a scientist who was respected and renowned throughout Edelstein, Gelimer became twisted. While the other commanders might be evil, with Magnus being slightly unhinged, Gelimer is truly insane; he experimented on human subjects, one of which was Vita, whom Gelimer then destroyed and later forgets about her entirely. Gelimer became convinced that emotions were a hindrance to humans, and developed a chemical called Retoxin, which would wipe all humans in Maple World of this “hindrance”. He thoroughly believed that he wasn’t doing anything except initiating the next stage in human evolution. His plan to release the Retoxin was foiled thanks to Orchid in the events of the Black Heaven, and in his attempt to escape, he was destroyed by his own robotic creations. He is the main antagonist in the Black Heaven storyline.


Name: The Demon (former)

Powers: Darkness, command over crows

Enemies: Black Mage, Arkarium, Von Leon, Orchid

Details: The Demon was a commander loyal to the Black Mage, until the Black Mage betrayed him. His mother was apparently human, and his father was a powerful demon. The Black Mage promised the Demon that he would spare the Demon’s family, who were living in Minar Forest at the time, but he didn’t keep this promise, and the Demon returned to find his home burned to the ground. Furious at this betrayal, the Demon attacked the Black Mage, managing only to break his shield and tear his cloak before being defeated. After his defeat, he was sealed away and used as a power source for the Black Wings, only to awaken in the present and escape. He was picked up by the Resistance, and later joins the Alliance. He often butts heads with Mercedes, who believes him to be evil, and his only real ally who isn’t uneasy about being so is his second-in-command, Mastema, a demon who takes the form of a small, purple cat. It is shown that the Demon regrets his past immensely, while having to deal with the loss of his brother, and he admits that his demon ancestors have committed grave sins. He ultimately severed the connection between Damien and the Spirit of Vengeance, killing his brother in the process. He then flew off carrying his brother’s body in his arms.

Guwaru evilGuwaru good

Name: Guwaru (former)

Powers: command over the spirits and nature

Enemies: Magnus

Details: Guwaru is a spirit of nature, who had become corrupted by the Black Mage and became a commander. He was the only commander to become a commander against his will, and after suffering a defeat at the hands of Maple World’s explorers, is able to escape the Black Mage’s corruption. He is later seen as atoning for his misdeeds, such as with helping the purification of the Stone Colossus. His exact whereabouts are unknown, but he appears to be deep in a mysterious forest, currently working with Orchid to help her regain her true power.

LotusPossessed Lotus

Name: Lotus (former, deceased)

Powers: command over darkness, some mind control, and, later, command over the entirety of the Black Heaven airship

Enemies: Phantom

Details: Lotus was Orchid’s twin brother, one of the two spirits of darkness. He was reluctant about taking human forms, but his dying wish was that Orchid live on as a human. He was defeated by Phantom as revenge for Lotus killing Aria, and was recovering using the Black Wing’s technology. Gelimer secretly took control of Lotus, using him to defeat Orchid and steal her powers in order to control the Black Heaven airship. After being defeated by the Alliance, Lotus temporarily regained control of his body, only to have it taken away by Gelimer, and then restored when Orchid hugged him. Gelimer, furious that he had lost his puppet, remotely killed Lotus, who, in his last moments, granted Orchid the remainder of their power and wished for her to live on and help the humans. His body then dissolved completely.

OrchidWeakened Orchid

Name: Orchid (former)

Powers: command over darkness

Enemies: Phantom, the Resistance

Details: Orchid was Lotus’s twin sister, one of the two spirits of darkness. It was her that wanted to be transformed into human form originally, as she was considered the “playful” spirit. She likes bunnies a lot, as seen from her hairpins and other accessories, hence why all her minions were rabbits. Her powers were stolen by Gelimer and the puppet Lotus during the events of the Black Heaven. She is referred to as the “tsundere” commander, and appears to be caring of others, even if she doesn’t like to show it. She loves her brother deeply, and appears to want to fulfill his dying wish of helping Maple World by obtaining her own power, rather than the power granted to her by the Black Mage. She demonstrates enormous capability, such as levitating the entirety of the Retoxin bombs on the Black Heaven and crushing them with a flick of her wrist, but she is currently away in an unknown part of Maple World, working with Guwaru.


Name: Damien (former, deceased)

Powers: Swordsmanship, command over demons, (temporarily) powers of the Transcendent of Life

Enemies: Alicia, Cygnus

Details: The younger brother of the Demon, he was thought to be dead, but had actually taken his brother’s place as a commander. Like his brother, he was half-demon on his father’s side. He was instrumental in the capture and imprisonment of Alicia in Root Abyss, and successfully infiltrated Ereve and attacked Shinsoo. He joined the Black Mage at the urging of Arkarium, who promised to revive Damien’s mother who had supposedly been frozen in time at the instant of her death. Damien revealed that he had his own plans, having bound himself to the Spirit of Vengeance and consuming the powers of the World Tree using the Transcendence Stone, gaining immense strength that ate away at both his sanity and his health. After being defeated by the Heroes, he asked his brother to destroy the Spirit of Vengeance, severing the connection and ending Damien’s life as well.


Name: Lucid

Powers: Command over dreams as well as slight control over time, mind control, power over memories

Enemies: Shade

Details: Lucid is an incredibly mysterious commander. She is known as “The Dreamer” and the “Queen of Nightmares”. Originally an elf from Elluel, Lucid joined the Black Mage possibly some time after the elves were frozen. She appears to have a rivalry with Athena Pierce (although she may actually surpass Athena in use of a bow). Her powers over dreams allowed her to manipulate all of Maple World’s residents and create an alternate future accessible from the Temple of Time, a future where Empress Cygnus had become corrupted, where the Resistance were slave drivers, and where the Black Mage reigned supreme. She resides at the top of the Clocktower of Nightmares in Lacheln, the City of Illusions, located at the end of the Arcane River through the Gate to the Present.



Name: Freud (deceased)

Powers: Incredibly gifted mage, partner with the Onyx dragon Afrien

Details: Freud is often referred to as the Dragon Master. This is because he met and befriended the ruler of the Onyx dragons, Afrien. He appears to have been the de factor leader of the heroes, having organized them from the very beginning. He predicted the future in which Damien would consume the World Tree, and left behind the Abraxas for the heroes to find when they awoke. All of the heroes look up to Freud, and it is hinted that Mercedes may have had romantic feelings for him (whether or not he reciprocated those feelings is unknown, although the fairy children in Ellinel seem to think he did). Luminous considered Freud the only mage who could possibly surpass him in magic, but noted that Freud’s beliefs were incredibly radical, believing that the Transcendents were unneeded and even dangerous. He was the only hero not afflicted by the Black Mage’s curse, instead Afrien absorbed his share. Freud possibly lived on for many years, and left behind countless relics, such as a ring, the Seal Stones, and a barrier preventing anyone from travelling back to the time before the Black Mage was sealed (however since the Black Mage has been unsealed and the last Seal Stone has been used, it is unknown if this barrier is still intact). Since Freud had designed the spell that sealed the Black Mage, he was the only hero capable of remembering Shade. Freud appears to be deceased, the last remnants of his soul faded after meeting the heroes on the Abraxas.


Name: Evan

Powers: Contract with the last Onyx dragon, Mir

Details: Don’t be fooled by the similarities; Evan isn’t Freud. Though the resemblance is uncanny…perhaps they’re related somehow? Evan, a small farm boy, inherited the power and title of Freud, having found Mir’s egg one day in the forest. He then set off to explore Maple World and become a hero, despite some…minor setbacks along the way. Evan is a touch naive, and lacks a lot of confidence. It is shown that he has severe insecurities about being the weakest member of the heroes and about being compared to and measured against Freud’s achievements. Despite being worried about how people perceive him, Evan has been shown to take charge and act as a leader when it is necessary. He may have a small crush on Mercedes.


Name: Aran

Powers: Command over ice, immense strength to wield the polearm Maha

Details: Aran is the white-haired warrior of Rien, and one of the two truly human heroes. Aran was afflicted by the curse of the Black Mage which resulted in her losing her memories and becoming frozen. After awakening in Rien, she set off to recover her lost memories. Within her polearm resides a spirit, Maha. She also has command of a white wolf. After the events of Black Heaven, Aran befriended Shade, and he became her sparring partner. Aran has been shown to enjoy a challenge, and likes to have a fun time with her friends. When she learned about Shade’s curse, she jokingly pretended to forget about Shade, much to his annoyance.


Name: Mercedes

Powers: some command over nature, skilled bowmaster

Details: Mercedes is the queen of the elves, a race of beings that reside in the town of Elluel. Elves live for hundreds, maybe thousands of years (it’s noted that when a Cygnus Knight is interested in the elf Danika, Mercedes says how she’s only “300 years old, still a child”). They’re ruled by a monarch who receives advice from elders; Mercedes has three that she speaks with: the elder of War Danika, the elder of Life Astilda, and the elder of Magic Philius. When the Black Mage’s curse hit Mercedes, all of the elves were affected, but thanks to some quick action, Mercedes managed to seal the curse and limit it to Elluel, leaving elves outside of the town, such as Athena Pierce, unaffected by the curse. Mercedes cares deeply about her town, and wishes to free the remaining elves left frozen. Despite her usually regal demeanor, she has been shown to jump to violence when stressed or annoyed. She treats Evan like a child initially, partly because she is upset at losing Freud, but eventually recognizes him as a leader.


Name: Luminous

Powers: Command over light, command over darkness

Details: Luminous was a student of Aurora, the school of light magic founded by the White Mage. Despite this, he is never shown in Grand Atheneum book 1 or really mentions knowing the White Mage personally, though it’s possible that was merely because he was a low level in the order. He absorbed the Black Mage’s dark magic while fighting him, causing one of his blue eyes to turn orange, rendering him heterochromatic. When he awoke from his curse, he was greeted by a cheerful little girl named Lania, whom Luminous lived with for about a decade, but his dark magic overwhelmed him, and he seriously injured Lania. He then set off to find a way to manage and control his dark magic, so that he would never unintentionally injure someone again. When he is in control, he speaks very formally and politely, and when he isn’t in control he’ll snap at people, often threatening them. He often butts heads with the more carefree Phantom. Luminous often tells Evan that there is much the young Dragon Master needs to learn, but this is mostly his way of showing compassion by guiding the younger mage. Lania charmingly refers to Luminous as “Lumi”, although Luminous becomes embarrassed whenever this name is mentioned in front of others.


Name: Phantom

Powers: Can steal other people’s powers, as well as having having a set of magic cards

Details: Phantom was and still is considered the world’s greatest thief, having stolen, among other things, the world’s first meso and the world’s only reverse miracle cube. He did have one thing stolen from him, however; his heart. Phantom fell for the Empress Aria while attempting to steal the gem Skaia, and his heart was broken when Aria was killed. Phantom mainly utilizes a set of magic cards he uses to attack with and teleport with, and in keeping with his title of master thief, he is capable of stealing the skills of other people. He often bickers with Luminous, as his carefree attitude clashes with the rather serious light mage. He owns an airship called the Lumiere, which is apparently large enough to house the entire alliance. Phantom is a fan of the theatrics, tends to be a huge flirt, and delights in poking fun at his friends and enemies. He did, however, become furious when Luminous angrily referred to Aria’s death as a “petty” matter, and when angry he has been shown to completely abandon his usual demeanor and lash out at people. He treats Evan as a leader for the most part, but overall prefers to work solo anyway.


Name: Shade

Powers: Immense strength, command over spirits

Details: Everyone is aware of the 5 Legendary heroes; Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, Luminous, and Freud, but there was a sixth hero. His true name is never given, and there’s a reason for this: When fighting the Black Mage, the final ingredient in Freud’s spell was someone’s time. The unnamed hero sacrificed his existence to seal the Black Mage, every memory he had ever made and every memory people had made of him, to save the world. But, it didn’t quite work; the hero awoke in the present day on the planet of Vulpis, in the dimension of Grandis. There he met a young girl with fox ears, named Moonbeam. As the hero could not remember his own name, Moonbeam gave him the name “Shade”. It is later revealed that he is cursed, and whenever he travels between dimensions he is forgotten by everyone. Of the very little that is known about his past, we know he was close to Aran, Freud, and Luminous. After the Black Heaven, Shade once again befriended Aran and became her sparring partner. He was able to reunite with the last remnants of Freud’s spirit, who did, in fact, recognize him (although he was unable to remember his name).



Name: Unnamed

Powers: ???

Details: The focus of the Explorer’s storyline…it’s you! This explorer is one of the five explorers from Maple Island, who awoke in the space between spaces and joined the other 4 on an adventure. After many such adventures, the explorer finds themselves in the Temple of Time, speaking directly with the Black Mage. Unfortunately, this meeting results in Freud’s seal being completely broken, and the Black Mage returning. Canonically speaking, this Explorer is usually represented as a male and as the warrior of the group, though in-game the explorer can be any class you so choose.


Name: Rondo

Powers: ???

Details: Rondo is one of the five explorers from Maple Island. Canonically (when a warrior is picked as the player’s class) he takes the role of a thief. Rondo is shown to be the same species as Chase, the Beast Tamer, and possesses animal ears. He tends to bicker with the talkative Olive.


Name: Olive

Powers: ???

Details: Olive is one of the five explorers from Maple Island. Canonically (when a warrior is picked as the player’s class), she takes the role of an archer. Olive is probably the most talkative of all the explorers, often bickering with Rondo. She was once threatened by the shapeshifter Baroq when he transformed into her and threatened to “wear a clunky wool sweater with a reindeer on it and sweatpants, and then reveal butt cleavage”. Olive was furious, and the other explorers were not amused.


Name: Tess

Powers: ???

Details: Tess is one of the five explorers from Maple Island. Canonically (when a warrior is picked as the player’s class), he takes the role of a pirate. Tess is the most mysterious of the explorers, he claims to be Kyrin’s brother, and Kyrin herself comments that Tess is “far too skilled to be a beginner”. Tess also refers to you as “Kao” when you first meet, just like the residents of Ellin Forest of the past, accessible through Ludibrium’s Time Control room. Wait, isn’t there someone named “Tess” in the past too…?


Name: Cannoneer

Powers: Powerful hand-cannon

Details: The Cannoneer was originally an explorer from a far-off island, who came by boat to Victoria Island in order to become an explorer. But as fate would have it, his boat was attacked by a Crimson Balrog, and he was thrown off and stranded on a deserted island. Seemingly deserted, that is, as he progressed through the island he discovered an old man, named Cutter, who revealed himself to be the head engineer of Captain Kyrin’s ship, the Nautilus. After finding some parts with the help of a small monkey companion, the Cannoneer escaped the island with Cutter- and the monkey- in tow. After crashing near the Nautilus and waking up inside the ship, Cutter gives him an experimental new weapon- the hand cannon! With this in hand, the Cannoneer now travels Maple World, the monkey tagging along.

Dual Blade

Name: Dual Blade

Powers: Stealth, dual-wields two blades

Details: The Dual Blade is a rogue thief; he takes his orders from Lady Syl, not from the Dark Lord. He was originally going to be a regular thief, but upon his journey he met a man named Ryden who recruited him for the Dual Blades. The Dual Blades reside in the Secret Garden, hidden on the outskirts of Kerning City, often causing trouble for the normal thieves, but otherwise carrying on like normal adventurers.


Name: Jett

Powers: Advance technology, immense strength as a brawler

Details: Jett was an intergalactic bounty hunter who hails from the planet Cerberus. One day, she winds up being framed for the assassination of Cerberus’s king, and flees, crash-landing on Maple World. She later finds that the one who framed her was none other than her partner, Burke, who aimed to steal the source of her powers, the Core. She speaks in a heavy, Texan-like accent and carries both a gun and a knuckle for brawling. Technically speaking, she’s the only explorer not from Maple World (while still being in the same dimension), however Burke appears to have joined forces with the Black Wings, which means that the fight against the Black Mage is her fight too.


Name: Chase

Powers: Summoning

Details: Chase is a girl from Arboren. She was born with animal ears and a tail, making her the same species as Rondo. Overall, she has a very cheery personality and a very childish demeanor. Chase longed to be a hero, but lacked much of the power until she discovered a small, talking cat named Arby. Arby introduced Chase to the Critter Champs; Fort the bear, Lai the leopard, and Eka the hawk. Together, the five of them explore Maple World, going around helping people, as heroes tend to do. Chase herself possesses the ability to summon the Critter Champs from a sort of pocket dimension using her magic whistle, whereas the five animals possess different powers of their own.



Name: Claudine

Powers: Skilled with whips and daggers

Details: Claudine is a doctor in Edelstein, her sister is Ulrika, and she’s childhood friends with Elex, Brighton, Belle, and Xenon. When the Black Wings aren’t looking, she’s also the leader of the Resistance, formulating their strategies and executing their plans. She has an extreme dislike of the Cygnus Knights and Empress Cygnus, due to the Knight’s inability to help when Edelstein was invaded. She becomes prone to emotion easily, often becoming extremely angry, upset, or embarrassed depending on the situation. Neinheart once dubbed her outfit a “clown mask”.


Name: Checky

Powers: Intelligence, incredible skill in engineering

Details: Checky’s bear mask is filled with hopes and dreams. And possibly gears, since it seems to be able to change facial expressions. Checky is the lead Mechanic of the Resistance, engineering all their technology. His weapon of choice is a large gun he carries that connects to the pack on his back. When not in the Resistance, he’s Edelstein’s mascot, handing out balloons to the kids in town. No one has ever seen his face, despite Ulrika’s numerous attempts. Even when he had snakes dumped down his suit, he simply jumped out of it to reveal a second bear suit underneath.


Name: Belle

Powers: Skilled crossbow wielder, can tame jaguars.

Details: Outside of the Resistance, Belle plays an innocent police officer, who is frightened of many things. Within the Resistance, Belle does a complete 180 on her personality, often speaking bluntly and condescendingly. She likes hitting people and things, and will often speak poorly of Brighton. She commands the Wild Hunters, and rides on her Jaguar, Black Jack.


Name: Brighton

Powers: Some command over darkness and skill as a mage

Details: Brighton plays the sweet streetsweeper in view of the Black Wings, but beneath the streets of Edelstein he commands the Battle Mages of the Resistance, who form contracts with the powers of darkness to fight. He repeatedly flirts with Belle, albeit not very smoothly, such as commenting that he’d “love to see her in a dress” at a party when Edelstein was freed. Belle responded that said celebration would not be “that kind of party”.


Name: Elex

Powers: Strength, arm cannon

Details: Elex manages the Resistance’s Blasters, warriors who wield powerful arm cannons. Outside of the Resistance, he’s the town’s kindergarten teacher, despite his muscular physique. During the events of Black Heaven, he was present on the Lumiere before the Alliance’s assault, but apparently returned to Edelstein, probably to help alleviate suspicion while the other 4 heads of the Resistance were away. He’s shown among the shocked townspeople in one cutscene and protecting a group of the town’s children in another.


Name: Xenon

Powers: Electricity manipulation, skilled with a whipblade

Details: Xenon was originally the childhood friend of Claudine, Belle, Brighton, and Elex. As kids, they pretended to be the Mesorangers, fighting to rid Maple World of evil. Xenon usually played the bad guy, when all other roles were taken. As kids, Xenon gave Claudine a dagger as a gift, and they’re shown having fun times together, until one day Gelimer arrived, and with the help of his robot minions, he kidnapped Xenon from his friends. The name “Xenon” is actually the name Gelimer gave to the child, combining him with cybernetics and turning him into an ultimate weapon. But Xenon retained a few of his memories, and when Claudine infiltrated the Black Wing’s laboratories years later, Xenon rebelled against Gelimer, fighting off other, fully robotic creation, Beryl. Xenon managed to escape and was placed in the care of the Resistance though unable to remember much about his past. Eventually he discovered that his android “pulse”, an electromagnetic part of an android similar to a human’s aura or lifeforce, could be tracked by Beryl and Gelimer, he fled to save the Resistance from being discovered. His current home is a special faction of the Resistance outside of Edelstein, called Veritas, and he travels Maple World hoping to recover his memories.


Name: Roo-D

Powers: Cuteness, programming ability

Details: Roo-D is Xenon’s robotic companion. Roo-D swore to help Xenon get his memories back after they were stolen by Gelimer, and helped Xenon and Claudine escape from Gelimer when Xenon rebelled. Roo-D was able to reprogram Xenon so that Gelimer was unable to control him, but was unable to mask Xenon’s android Pulse. Currently, Roo-D acts as the mascot for Veritas, driving the hover device built for him by the scientists, who were fed up with Roo-D bothering them.

Mastema (human)Mastema (cat)

Name: Mastema

Powers: Swordsmanship, power over darkness

Details: Mastema is the Demon’s second-in-command. She is extremely loyal to the Demon, being the only one to take his side when he challenged the Black Mage. When the Demon awakens in the present, Mastema takes the form of a small, purple cat due to taking a life-threatening injury from Arkarium, though she doesn’t like this form as it limits her powers. It’s possible she harbors feelings for the Demon, but she doesn’t admit it.



Name: Cygnus

Powers: Governs life and the Cygnus Knights

Details: Empress Cygnus is the descendant of Empress Aria’s niece. She was found by Neinheart and brought to Ereve in the hopes that she might bring order to a leaderless world. She has no combat skills, but her Knights can invoke her power using the skill Cygnus Blessing. Apparently, she has not only awoken as an Empress, but also as a new Transcendent.


Name: Neinheart

Powers: Intellect

Details: Neinheart is the tactician of the Cygnus Knights. He hails from Rien, and his sister is Lillin. He left his sister to seek out the heir to the throne of Ereve, which upset her greatly. He got his signature monocle from the dragon Nix, and endures taunts about said monocle, as well as his outfit, as Irvin calls it a dress. Neinheart corrects him about it actually being a robe, but doesn’t deny what it looks like. He often ponders whether the Alliance was a good idea, especially after comments from Belle and Brighton about their favorite foods and TV shows. When Neinheart commented on Claudine’s outfit and she became annoyed, the other Alliance members teased them by asking why they hadn’t just kissed already. Neinheart was not amused.


Name: Oz

Powers: Command over fire

Details: Oz is the chief captain of the Blaze Wizards, one of the five groups of Cygnus Knights. She’s definitely the most childish of all the captains, and loves food. Despite her personality, her combat skills are nothing to laugh at, being able to summon torrents of fire. At one point she set Francis on fire.


Name: Irena

Powers: Control of wind, excellent archer

Details: Irena is the chief captain of the Wind Archers, one of the five groups of Cygnus Knights. She’s one of the older, more mature captains, and doesn’t have much time for Hawkeye’s shenanigans. A flurry of arrows from her bow can pack quite a punch, so maybe it’s best not to piss her off.


Name: Mihile

Powers: Command over light, excellent swordsmanship

Details: Mihile is the chief captain of the Dawn Warriors, one of the five groups of Cygnus Knights. If you had to describe Mihile in three words, it would be “loyal” and “very loyal”. He is often the first one of the knight captains to rush to the Empress’s side, seen banging on the side of the barrier she created and informing her about Black Heaven’s assault on the Lumiere. Apparently, he and Neinheart chat about philosophy. Hawkeye finds this dull.


Name: Eckhart

Powers: Command over darkness, stealth

Details: Eckhart is the chief captain of the Night Walkers, one of the five groups of Cygnus Knights. He’s often seen sitting alone, usually in a tree, wearing his trademarked mask. Apparently he used to date Lana, the CEO of Big Hit Records, and still harbors feelings for her, despite the fact that he was dumped. Aloof though he may be, he’s also very powerful.


Name: Hawkeye

Powers: Command over thunder, immense strength

Details: Hawkeye is the chief captain of the Thunder Breakers, one of the five groups of Cygnus Knights. He’s incredibly playful, including referring to one of his most powerful attacks as “zappy sharks”. He’s incredibly flirtatious, although he almost never succeeds in his endeavors. Despite his attitude, he’s an incredibly skilled brawler and should not be taken lightly.

Victoria Island:

Athena Pierce

Name: Athena Pierce

Powers: Skilled archer

Details: Athena Pierce is one of the five main job instructors on Victoria Island, she teaches the bowmasters and the marksmen. Athena is an elf, who was outside of Elluel when Mercedes sealed it. Actually, not only was she outside of the town, she was also spearheading the evacuation of Ossyria to save the citizens from the Black Mage’s wrath. In the past, she sported shorter hair and a ponytail, but in the present she has her signature long hair and dress. Although the job instructors have no real central leader, she acts as the leader of them all, as well as the representative of all explorers. She is old friends with Mercedes, and appears to be a big fangirl of Phantom, which contradicts her usually calm demeanor.

Dances with Balrog

Name: Dances with Balrog

Powers: Immense strength, fights using an axe

Details: Dances with Balrog is one of the five main job instructors on Victoria Island, he teaches the warriors. While the other 4 instructor’s pasts can be explained easily, his is a bit difficult; on the one hand, he is one of the two true human instructors and on the other, there is a child in Maple World’s past named “Crawls with Balrog”. It’s possible, like the “Dark Lord”, that “Dances with Balrog” is a title rather than a name, or that Dances has simply been blessed with an extremely long life due to his training. Very few details about his personality or general life are shown, he is mainly spoken to when receiving advice or quests.


Name: Jin, AKA “The Dark Lord”

Powers: Stealth

Details: The Dark Lord, Jin, is one of the five main job instructors on Victoria Island, he trains the thieves. The title of “Dark Lord” is passed down to each master of the thieves, apparently the title came from a mispronunciation of the original Dark Lord’s name; Lohd. The current Dark Lord is named Jin, apprentice of the previous Dark Lord and former lover of Lady Syl. Personality wise, he seems to be very focused and intent on doing as good a job as his master did. He’ll often leave mission assignments to his two best students, who happen to be rivals; JM and Nella. Despite this, he does recognize his student’s talent and will congratulate them on it.


Name: Kyrin

Powers: Skilled with guns and immense strength as a brawler

Details: Kyrin is one of the five main job instructors on Victoria Island, she trains the pirates. Kyrin is the daughter of Yuris the fairy, and due to this is either full or half-fairy, and is therefore much older than she looks. Some time after she was born, she set off to sail the seas, bringing together a crew of pirates before sailing into what’s now Nautilus harbor, named after her submarine, the Nautilus. She is a skilled navigator, and can apparently sense ill omens, such as the fog during the events of Black Heaven. Her pirates were also the ones to flank the giant airship in order to draw attention away from the landing party, although this strategy ultimately failed. She is the object of many people’s affections, including but not limited to her crewmate Valerie and the Prince of Whales, Sharyl.


Name: Grendel the Really Old

Powers: Powerful mage

Details: Grendel is one of the five main job instructors on Victoria Island, he trains the Bishops and archmages. As his name suggests, he is really old. Don’t be fooled, however, he is incredibly powerful as well as wise. Among the relics he keeps are things such as a magic guitar, numerous books on all sorts of information, and a magic mirror, which was used to peek inside Orchid’s memories during the events of Black Heaven. Two of his pupils are Elwin the Barrier Magician and Lily the Manipulation Wizard; after Elwin unintentionally opens a portal to Seoul, Korea on Earth, Grendel states that no one has ever done this before. Elwin celebrates having done the impossible before Grendel snaps back that anyone could have done it if they wanted to, it would just be an incredibly stupid thing to do, since it would expose that world to magic it wasn’t accustomed to.


Name: Lady Syl

Powers: Commands the Dual Blades

Details: Syl is the daughter of the former Dark Lord and former lover of Jin, the current Dark Lord. When the Dark Lord left to fight the Balrog and never returned, Syl was furious that Jin took her father’s place and title. She broke off their relations, and formed a rogue group of thieves called the Dual Blades. Later on, when evidence was brought forth showing what really happened to her father, Syl began to understand why Jin did what he did. She does not forgive him, but she no longer hates him. In fact, she joins the Alliance later, which includes Jin, however she states that it’s just because “if the world is going to stand up against the Black Mage, the Dual Blades will be a part of it”.


Name: Irvin

Powers: Skilled pilot

Details: Irvin is one of the most skilled pilots in all of Maple World. He’s generally seen above the Six Path’s Crossway or flying people to the Gold Beach resort. Apparently, he was born in Edelstein, and was childhood friends with the younger Gelimer as well as Admiral Martini. His biggest regret is that he didn’t do more to stop Gelimer from going down the path that led him to constructing the Black Heaven, and that everything during the battle could have been avoided if he had tried harder. It was his skill that rescued the falling Resistance leaders after Gelimer had them struck down. Later he cracks jokes about Neinheart’s robe and comments that he should be the officiator at Claudine and Neinheart’s wedding. Neinheart was amused at neither of these comments.


Angelic Buster

Name: Tear, AKA the Angelic Buster

Powers: Can manifest many different kinds of objects, such as hammers and swords, as well as raw power

Details: Tear was originally a Nova girl from Grandis who was unusual, even among her species. She was completely incapable of magic, and didn’t possess a tail. Because of these two things, she was teased as a child, finding comfort only with her two friends, Kyle and Velderoth. The three played together as the “Heliseum Force”, pretending to take back their home from the tyrant Magnus. One day, they encountered a group of suspicious-looking monks messing with one of the relics that protected Pantheon from the forces of Magnus. Tear ended up touching the relic, which attached itself to her arm. When she awoke, the relic spoke to her, apparently containing the ancient Nova god, Eskalade. Eskalade granted Tear his power one one condition…ok, a few conditions, but mostly that she become a super hero, complete with the alter-ego; Angelic Buster, Idol of the Battlefield. Personality wise, Tear isn’t exactly the brightest bulb, and secretly harbors feelings for her friend Kyle, now the powerful Kaiser. She doesn’t like pink things, but Eskalade makes her dress up that way to use his power. She annoys Edea, one of the few people who know her identity, to no end.


Name: Kyle, AKA Kaiser

Powers: Control of fire, excellent swordsmanship

Details: Tear and Velderoth’s childhood friend, Kyle rushed off to battle the suspicious monks they discovered, and in the middle of fighting, he awoke as the new Kaiser. “Kaiser” is the title passed down to the chosen hero of Nova; the previous Kaiser fought Magnus one-on-one back when Magnus first took over Heliseum, and records of the other Kaisers are seen in the temple in Pantheon. Like Tear, Kyle is denser than a supermassive black hole at times, but he doesn’t hold back from a fight. He is incredibly upset when Velderoth betrays the Nova while seeking power, so much so that he comments that he wouldn’t like to just fight Velderoth, he’d like to “beat his smug, stupid face so far into the ground he’d need a shovel just to get back up”. He may or may not have feelings for Tear, he’s just incredibly dense about it, although he is a massive fan of Angelic Buster, often seen waving small flags with her face on them, and he does not know about his friend’s secret identity.


Name: Cadena

Powers: Chain arts, Warp Forge summoning

Details: Originally a member of the Nova royal family, when Magnus attacked she escaped with the help of the Shadow Dealers. Realizing that she was weak as she was, she declared that she would get stronger, no matter what. To prove her resolve, she ripped her own wings, tail, and horns off, vowing never to forget the pain. She then trained with the Shadow Dealers, growing into a cocky, slightly sadistic punk with an attitude and a thirst for a good fight. She’s very good at “persuading” others, typically via threat of skull-bashing vis-à-vis spiky bat or other weapon.


Name: Edea

Powers: Incredibly gifted mage, excellent strategist

Details: Often called the “Ice Witch of Grandis” (due to her cold personality, not her powers), Edea is one of the leaders of the Nova forces. She is powerful enough to take out entire areas worth of specters and cunning enough to devise plans and reverse-engineer magical devices. She is one of the few people who know Angelic Buster’s true identity as Tear, and is annoyed to no end by said pink superhero. She’ll often send Tear on long, difficult missions behind the scenes while Kaiser takes up the front. When Tear asked if Eurenth was a kind of sandwich, Edea had a slightly harder time than usual processing what was said, before finally saying that no, Eurenth wasn’t a sandwich. At one point, Tear (after hours of bothering, poking, and even tickling) managed to get her to do a concert together (thanks to Piston’s request). According to Eurenth, she can’t cook, forced him to eat horrendously-tasting cookies, broke all his toys, and demolished houses in town while practicing her magic.


Name: Eurenth

Powers: ??? – He was Edea’s teacher, so it can be assumed he is a skilled mage, but there are no examples of his full power

Details: Eurenth is the wise old man, living in a hut off in Heliseum with his pet, Popo. Kyle and Tear often go to him for training and advice. Despite having a reputation of being “wise”, he’s just as perverted as Eskalade is, helping the dragon god to design new outfits for the superhero and making lewd comments. Has a strong dislike of Edea, mostly because she forced him to eat bad-tasting cookies of hers that made him sick for three days afterward. When Tear asked him what kind of crazy old jerk he was, he responded with “THE FOXIEST KIND!”


Name: Velderoth

Powers: Swordsmanship, immense strength

Details: Velderoth was at first the friend of Tear and Kyle. But when they challenged the suspicious monks at the relic and Velderoth saw Kyle inherit Kaiser’s power, Velderoth grew jealous. Magnus offered him power, and he took it, betraying his people and his friends. He currently serves as one of Magnus’s commanding officers, alongside Victor and Treglow.


Name: Victor

Powers: Can summon objects at will

Details: Victor was originally considered the greatest artist in Heliseum. He fell in love with a woman, but she died. One of his most famous paintings is a portrait of her. Magnus offered the grief-stricken painter a magic canvas from the transcendent Darmoor which could bring life to whatever was painted on it. But Magnus tricked Victor; he gave him a replica of the canvas, when Victor finished his work, the replica spat out a doll of his beloved, Victor was crushed. Not only that, but Darmoor had cursed the canvas, trapping Victor’s soul within it, with Victor’s body becoming a tool for Magnus. The cursed canvas currently functions as one of Magnus’s officers, summoning monsters and meteors.


Name: Treglow

Powers: Intellect and knowledge of chemistry and alchemy

Details: Treglow was originally a genius scientist, particularly talented in chemistry. He sought to create an artificial creature, which was taboo among Nova scientists. Magnus pretended to be a merchant and sent a spy to study Treglow’s research, building up relations, even obtaining rare materials from other worlds. But if Treglow actually created an artificial creature, then Magnus would have no use for him, so Magnus sabotaged Treglow’s experiment. There was a huge explosion, and Treglow became mad with grief; his creations were twisted and wrong, like lumps of stone, and in his madness he announced them as his ultimate achievement. He currently serves as one of Magnus’s officers, using chemical gases to attack his opponents.


Name: Illium
Powers: Skilled mechanic, skilled magician, competent leader
Details: Originally lacking in magical ability (see left) he was transformed by the power of the Elder Crystal into a leader for his people (see right). He is 153 years old (very young, for a Flora), and highly intelligent, having built a robotic companion named “Ex” when he was only 11. Before merging with the crystal, he was incredibly shy. After merging, he is rather outgoing and cunning.
Name: Dean
Powers: Magician
Details: One of Illium’s classmates. A cocky, but not mean boy who likes pranks (such as turning Carnelian’s Pyrope crystals into candy). He is one of the refugees that escaped the invasion of Sanctuary.
Name: Carnelian
Powers: Magician
Details: A polite, intelligent, and kind girl from Illium’s class who treated everyone around her as a friend (and vice versa). She is one of the refugees that escaped the invasion of Sanctuary.
Name: Morian
Powers: Magician
Details: A happy, food-loving classmate of Illium’s who was also Illium’s first real friend at the academy. He is one of the refugees that escaped the invasion of Sanctuary.
Name: Sinaria
Powers: Magician
Details: A somewhat cynical but overall realistic student from Crystal Academy. While not mean-spirited, he is rather blunt, which can come across as rude. He is one of the refugees that escaped the invasion of sanctuary.
Name: Agate (Deceased)
Powers: Skilled magician
Details: The Seeker of the Verdant Flora and Headmistress of Crystal Academy, as well as Illium’s personal tutor. She is several hundred years old, having been present at the final battle between the High and Verdant Flora. She was killed defending Sanctuary from the army of Specters.
Name: Darius
Powers: Skilled magician
Details: A high-ranking Verdant Flora who was actually a spy for the High Flora. His betrayal allowed the Specter army to find Sanctuary and invade. The reasons for his betrayal seem to be that he hates the “impure” blending of technology and Flora magic. He is known to talk down to engineers such as Illium and treat them poorly.

Sengoku-era Japan:


Name: Anegasaki Kenji AKA Hayato

Powers: Skilled samurai

Details: Hayato originally came from Sengoku-era Japan from another dimension. He is incredibly skilled at Bushido, and was a driving force against his enemy, Oda Nobunaga. During the battle, there was a huge explosion of light, and both sides of the war were carried off to Maple World, landing near Mushroom Shrine in Maple World’s Zipangu. While travelling Maple World, Hayato’s forces have allied themselves with the Alliance, and Nobunaga’s forces have allied themselves with the Black Wings.


Name: Ayanokouji Kanna

Powers: Command over spirits

Details: Kanna is a Japanese spirit-walker, also known as an Onmyoji. She hails from Sengoku-era Japan from another dimension and fought the forces of Oda Nobunaga, most specifically Oda’s Onmyoji named Mori Ranmaru. Kanna has command over spirits, especially her fox companion, Haku. While travelling Maple World, Kanna’s forces have allied themselves with the Alliance, and Nobunaga’s forces have allied themselves with the Black Wings.


Name: Ayame

Powers: Skilled sharpshooter

Details: Ayame is a sharpshooter, and friend to both Hayato and Kanna. Her skills with her Sengoku-era gun are to be marveled, even with the presence of more modern pirate guns. While Hayato and Kanna are out in Maple World, Ayame stays by the side of Princess Sakuno in the Heizan temple. Note: Ayame is not a playable Maplestory class (as of this moment), however anyone can play as her via the Heizan Temple Roleplay Dungeon located in Zipangu.

Mori Ranmaru

Name: Mori Ranmaru

Powers: Command over spirits

Details: An Onmyoji of great skill loyal to Oda Nobunaga. He fought Kanna while they were in Sengoku-era Japan, and is very much an equal match for her powers, if not stronger than her altogether. Upon being transported to Maple World, Nobunaga began to form alliances between his forces and the Black Wings. Ranmaru himself currently resides in a cave in the mines of El Nath, forever loyal to his master.

Black Wings Officers


Name: Dargoth

Powers: Immense strength

Details: Dargoth is a golem, loyal to the Black Wings, as you can see by the tiny pin on his lapel. Those stone fists pack quite a punch; Dargoth usually handles the heavy-lifting, such as fighting Mercedes in Ludibrium. Despite his duties, Dargoth is actually a very high-ranking member of the Black Wings, around the rank of Hiver and Baroq.


Name: Baroq

Powers: Shapeshifting, some dark magic

Details: Baroq, also known as “The Shapeshifter”, is true to his name: he can take the appearance of anyone, and has, on multiple occasions, such as taking the appearance of Olive the Explorer. During the events of Black Heaven, he first took the appearance of Neinheart to fool one of the Alliance members, and when that failed, he took the appearance of Empress Cygnus (making an adorable begging face, which the Alliance member couldn’t hit because of her sheer cuteness). He was later seen piloting a large helicopter-like device, attacking the Lumiere from afar. It is unknown if he survived after his ship crashed.


Name: Hiver

Powers: Dark magic

Details: Always seen with his trademark shades on, Hiver is a pretty high-ranking member of the Black Wings. His combat abilities are never really shown, however he does have the ability to teleport at will, and he’s often seen arguing with Baroq, which suggests he may hold a higher position than the shapeshifter. During the events of Black Heaven, he teleported in to hit one of the Alliance members over the head with a wrench, knocking them out cold. He was later seen piloting one of the larger airships and attacking the Lumiere from afar. It is unknown if he survived after his ship crashed.


Name: Francis (former)

Powers: Possession, puppets

Details: Francis is widely regarded as the weakest Black Wings member. He is beaten up repeatedly by Alliance members early on in their adventures. He has been shown, on several occasions, to have produced puppets which can transform into any shape, including himself. At one point, he attempted to use duplicates and a variation of 3-card monte to confuse the Alliance, though Oz simply set all three Francis’s on fire. He’s not loyal to the Black Wings or Gelimer at all, however, he’s loyal to Orchid, whom he loves, but is too much of a coward to admit so directly. Even in Maple World where magic is very much real, Francis is a chuunibyou (a term that describes someone with “8th-grader syndrome”, where the person is delusional and believes they possess magical powers), as he states that “rolling up his right sleeve may release the dragon sealed underneath”. After the events of Black Heaven, he follows Orchid to the mysterious forest.


Name: Elanor

Powers: Dark magic, some power over time

Details: Elanor the Dark Witch is one of the rarely-seen Black Wing’s members, though she can be identified by her purple hood fastened by a Black Wings emblem. Elanor is responsible for invading Ereve the first time and causing the Cygnus Knights to be unable to stop the Black Wing’s takeover of Edelstein. She fights on board the Black Heaven as well, though it is unknown where she teleported off to afterward.


Names: Bunnies

Powers: Gruntwork

Details: Orchid loves bunnies. So it’s no wonder that all her footsoldiers are enchanted rabbits. They come with various weapons, but are usually defeated fairly easily. The enchanted rabbits make up the second largest part of the Black Wings, second only to the robots. Some funtion as higher-ups, managing security, among other things. Gelimer was jealous of their lush fur, which apparently makes it very awkward riding the elevator.


Name: Androids

Powers: Gruntwork

Details: Gelimer’s main forces in his army. Possessing a wide range of abilities and strengths, androids perform most of the gruntwork for Gelimer, everything from security patrols to hunting down and eliminating opponents. Gelimer specifically developed androids without emotions, however occasionally androids with feelings will emerge. The resulting emotional androids were considered defects, and were scrapped. During the events of Black Heaven, Gelimer used the parts in Edelstein’s scrapyard and a large tower, which was actually a gigantic android factory with a teleporter on top, to obtain an essentially infinite supply of androids (as androids which were destroyed by the Alliance would fall back down to the scrapyard, thus completing the cycle). Gelimer was destroyed when several of his androids developed emotions after being rigged to explode, and jumped on Gelimer’s escape pod in an attempt to get him to save them.


Name: Admiral Martini (former, deceased)

Powers: Skilled sailor

Details: Martini is a Black Wings Officer and old friend of Gelimer and Irvin. When Gelimer began experimenting on human subjects, Martini believed the experiments to be justified and joined Gelimer (whereas Irvin couldn’t stand for it and left). He was seen attempting to melt the glaciers of Riena Strait, but left it to his underlings, whereupon the mission was thwarted. During the events of Black Heaven, Gelimer betrayed Martini, exposing him to the Retoxin gas, which he eventually succumbed to, telling the Alliance how he regretted his decision about not stopping Gelimer sooner. When Irvin was told of this, he referred to this as a “fitting end”.


Name: Beryl (former)

Powers: Command over electricity, wields a large scythe

Details: Beryl is a completely robotic creation made by Gelimer alongside Xenon. She is very loyal to Gelimer, but begins to experience conflict when she is unable to recapture Xenon. Unable to complete her mission and fulfill her function, she willingly turned herself off, considering herself a “defect”. Some time after this, she was found by One-Eye before she was about to be scrapped, and taken in as his “daughter”. It is unknown if One-Eye even knows her true identity, however, because she disguises herself as the cynical “Bitterbot”. Despite the fact that she was to be scrapped and that Gelimer considers her a failure, she still refers to Gelimer as her “father”, however in her heart, she knows that what Gelimer did was wrong, and she wonders if she can accept it.

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2 thoughts on “Important characters

  1. Quick question – in the silent crusade storyline, Rhinne was shown to be sealed in ice by Arkarium. However, in Zero’s storyline, she is shown to be trapped by Will in Mirror World. Which version is correct?


    1. I would say Zero’s storyline, although honestly it’s probably a plothole from the gap between when they added Arkarium and when they added Rhinne. Since the Silent Crusade is JMS content modified by KMS, things get a bit weird.


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